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    Wayne’s Dengfu Carbon Fibre FS 27.5” with Bafang M600 (throttle also)

    Gizzygone, I was in the same boat as you last month: Deciding between the Luna X1, a 2019 Haibike, or something else. All the posts on the internet about Haibike possibly pulling out of the USA scared me (Haibike was bought by another company recently, and now shows NO USA dealers or contacts...
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    How much low speed power difference with hub motor 26x3 vs 27.5x3 wheels/tires?

    Thanks for all of your input, which confirms my gut feeling. Lorrin
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    How much low speed power difference with hub motor 26x3 vs 27.5x3 wheels/tires?

    I have done the math. My question is really if anyone has experience to let me know if 5% more low end torque is really enough to notice or make a difference. Thanks
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    How much low speed power difference with hub motor 26x3 vs 27.5x3 wheels/tires?

    Hello, I have a 27.5x3 bike with a MAC12T that I have been trail riding for a couple of years. I love everything about it except that the large wheel/tire diameter make it somewhat under powered and prone to overheating on slow technical climbs (I have a CAV3 that is set up to show temp and...
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    I'm down a rabbit hole

    I agree with Chalo. I, too had visions of building a nice folding E-bike to take on trips, etc. I bought a nice used Dahon speed a few years ago and had it shipped to me as there were none for sale locally (this kept me from test riding it). I am 6'4", 195 pounds, and riding that bike was about...
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    My Bafang Ultra Mountain Bike! Frey AM1000

    I am pretty sure that Frey announced that the hardtail was available with 27.5 plus wheels and would fit up to a 2.8 inch wide tire.... I guess we will know when they confirm. Good luck, Lorrin
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    My Bafang Ultra Mountain Bike! Frey AM1000

    Here is what was causing the chain skipping on only the smaller sprockets in my case: The chain has to have the correct number of links for the range from smallest sprocket to largest sprocket, and size of the sprockets you have. Notice how the rear derailleur angles much more to the front of...
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    My Bafang Ultra Mountain Bike! Frey AM1000

    The chain skipping can just be a derailleur adjustment. The last bike I ordered did this until I adjusted it so that the rear derailleur wrapped around more of the sprocket (and engaged more teeth).
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    New "TSDZ2 Torque Sensor Central Motor"

    FYI, I have used the Ebrake switch kit that EM3EV sells for both of my Ebikes, one of which used hydraulic brakes, and one which had BB7 mechanical disk brakes. I used "JB weld" to attach the small magnet to the bottom of the brake lever right next to the lever mount, and the same "JB Weld" to...
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    My Bafang Ultra Mountain Bike! Frey AM1000

    I hesitated to post this, but I think since Frey is following this thread, they should have this feedback. I have been using EndLess-Sphere for quite a while, and have built a few Ebikes, and sold a couple to friends. A friend just asked me which bike he should buy now for his first Ebike and I...
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    Newbie question on motor

    I just watched the video of this bike and was very impressed, as was the (very well known) reviewer. It has a real torque sensor system and appears to be very well thought out. Cost is $1850.
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    BBSHD thottle response.

    Some companies have spent quite a bit of time figuring out their settings for the BBSxx systems. The one I bought from Paul at EM3eV had no bad behavior like you described. Mine works like this with PAul's settings: If you are not pedaling, the throttle works smoothly all the way from 0 to 100...
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    New "TSDZ2 Torque Sensor Central Motor"

    Tinasdude, Where did you order your 17A, 52 volt version? Thanks, Leelorr
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    New "TSDZ2 Torque Sensor Central Motor"

    I do remember the person in the video saying that their version was "special or custom" so it could handle the higher voltage. I wondered if he really knew that for a fact....
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    MAC motor compatible controllers

    How about compatible/tested Sine wave controllers for MAC motors? I contacted Paul at EM3EV and he said that he did not offer any...
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    New "TSDZ2 Torque Sensor Central Motor"

    The first link you posted, to Pswpower, is to a model that requires a custom frame. It can not really be used to easily convert an existing bicycle...
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    N.E.S.E. the no solder module

    Oops, wrong thread, sorry. Post has been deleted.
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    BBS02 750W HARDTAIL (some help needed)

    I removed the front derailleur on my BBS02 bike before I realized that it was needed to keep the chain from coming off so I bought this since it was recommended here on the forum...
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    N.E.S.E. the no solder module

    Would there be any issue with doing something like purchasing the "5P" holders and only putting 4 cells in each one? That way if I decide that I actually need a longer range pack for most of my rides, I could just add the extra cell to make it a "5P" pack... Thanks, Leelorr
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    Anyone tried the new "Juiced Bikes Ocean Current" cruiser?

    Just watched the review of this new reasonably priced "Ocean Current" cruiser from Juiced bikes on "Electric Bike Review". It looks like fun "around town" bike and has a real Torque sensor and Cadence sensor for only $1299 with free shipping...
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    2 Speed Xiongda hubmotor

    AlanB, How would you describe the operation of the PAS system used by this kit?
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    Commuter...Hub or mid drive?

    ^ +1 I rode my PAS equipped bike a couple of times before I got the brake cutouts installed and had a couple of unsafe incidents. For example, I was on a sandy trail with a drop off on one side down to the river when the front wheel lost traction on the sand. Because the bike did not cut power...
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    2 Speed Xiongda hubmotor

    I would like your opinion on the noise level when accelerating and when cruising in high. I will probably have to call Luna with this question, but does the motor width appear to be closer to 135mm if no disk brake rotor is used (I have an Aluminum framed "V-brake" bike that I am thinking of...
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    Anyone have feedback on the new Luna 2 speed hub motor yet?

    I read here a while back that Luna Cycle was going to send a new 2 speed hub motor kit to a couple of members here for independent testing. Does anyone have any "real world testing" feedback yet? Thanks, Leelorr
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    Looking for a second battery and found something interesting

    They also say that there is a minimum order of 10 batteries (Oh, I see that you mentioned that). Let us know what happens of you decide to order. Ordering two to put in parallel would be a nice, cheap setup.