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    Run two motors on one controller? Maybe?

    what happens when you change gear, or coast, or even if its a fancy fixy then the chain slack is way to much slop....itll de-synchronise.
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    Best new kickscooters 2022

    a while back i built an electric kick bike with a 26" front and 20 on the rear. had a 48 v system with a mac hubby. it was an absolute blast. only lasted Bout a month bc my then 9yo son figured out he could jump it and after days of incessant gaps the mac died :lol: there are some DH versions...
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    heltech bms help

    for future reference here are the wiring diagrams for 3 &4 s heltech smart bms.
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    heltech bms help

    awesome, that worked, thanks eee291. annoying that the wiring guide is nowhere to be found for these 3-4 bmss. now I just need to get the pesky bluetooth and app to play.
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    heltech bms help

    thanks eee291, that's really useful info. I was wondering about that but reluctant to try it... I'll find some time in a few hours to give it a go.
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    heltech bms help

    I can't find anywhere that suggests for a 3-4s heltech smart bms that it should have 6 sensor wires with the last two going to B+. (pitmix if this is what you meant it was unclear)...sure for their higher cell count bmss some of the leads are augmented including the most positive two, but for...
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    heltech bms help

    tried charger wake up after reading in the manual about deep sleep mode for storage needing charging to rurn on, but it didn't when presented with 15v across power leads (Same port style). this was annoying to do bc my rc charger won't activate unless it detects an acceptable voltage, so I used...
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    heltech bms help

    wiring as follows (there is no wiring diagram specific for this unit on their website, but a generic upto 8s diagram) black lead 1-neg 1st cell. lead 2 -pos 1st cell lead 3- pos 2nd cell lead 4- pos 3rd cell lead 5-pos 4th cell. I've built dozens of batteries before so this is not the first...
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    heltech bms help

    this is the one. Heltec 12V Smart BMS 4S 3S LiFePo4 bms 12V 50A 100A 200A Li-Ion LTO bms balance APP LCD RS485 their 3-4s are separate from the rest of the higher S counts. it's stamped 3-4s ad has 4 balance channels on the pcb, so it seems to be 4s. and yes...
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    heltech bms help

    hi all does anyone have experience with the heltech Bluetooth bms's. I've wired up a 4s li-ion 100a unit but it won't turn on (no smoke yet :wink: ) I have the display and bluetooth module connected but these seem to have no power. one outstanding issue is they sent me a 6wire sensor plug which...
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    Thread for new battery breakthrough PR releases

    nanograf have released a new lithium silicon 18650 supposedly in production... 4.ah and slightly higher nominal voltage giving...
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    Cyclone (Oro) Throttle with Cycle Analyst

    Have you read this thread, could be useful.
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    Cyclone (Oro) Throttle with Cycle Analyst

    Hi bobbygee It's unlikely to be the battery especially if it's not happening under high power don't go replacing that yet. I'm trying to remember what the issue was but I think, I ended up replacing both the throttle and the controller board. this is built into the motor in...
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    Beginners Question

    25mm2 seems pretty light on for 150amp draw, I think that chart allowed for a 50deg temp rise in the bus bar (was blurry and couldn't read it on my Ph) . A quick Google puts rule of thumb bus bar thickness for copper mm2= A/1.2 So 125mm2 for continuous draw at 150amps. Ie ~12x10mm copper...
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    Hydrogen storage.....Solid State ??

    This: "Plasma Kinetics employs a layered nanophotonic structure with proprietary shape memory alloy that interacts with light" My BS radar is dinging off the chart! Light controlled release of H2 (stored at stp) :mrgreen:
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    Adaptto Mini-E/Max-E Owner's Thread

    @swe, when your controller cuts out, enter charge mode and check the charge voltage present on the display. When it gets over about 5v the controller thinks you are trying to charge and cuts the throttle. (Rolling whilst turning the bike 'on' prevents this if you need to get home) The...
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    Let's hear you vent

    Darsey that sux big time... 7.5kwh, $5000 ouch.
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    Battery wiring for 100a trouble..

    What are those circular marks on the tabs? They look like it had some sort of pressure fit contact in the past. Anything over 0.2mm nickel gets hard to spot weld but it can be done, the trouble is even 0.3mm Ni only carries ~2a per 1mm of width. Those tabs look pretty robust so I'd guess...
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    Thread for new battery breakthrough PR releases

    GMG and UQld have been getting some promising results with aluminum ion batteries. Good energy density and extremely fast charging times. Apparently they are preparing to go commercial with the first iterations...
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    Self-Discharge UPDATE On 30Q 141 Cells

    I was hoping I'd dodged the 30q internal short issue on my 2kwh pack (21s10p) .... But no. :( . It's ~4yrs old and has had a couple of hundred cycles. A cell group started showing signs of trouble after about 50cycles. initially I thought it might be just variance in the bms (adaptto) but cell...
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    Hub motor not working

    You don't need to go looking for it... It's right there at the bottom of the picture. Those burnt winding are the culprit. New motor time :cry:
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    Is a little rust normal for nickel strip in salt water

    I've often had a little rust colour (exactly like in your pic) with pure nickel. I think if you have old gal pipes some dissolved iron precipitates out causing the colour, usually rubs off showing bright nickel inderneatg. The rust you get with nickel plated steel is very obviously part of...
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    3000 watf controller

    Yep you can also use a 10kw controller. The question really is 'how long will my 1500w motor last being driven by a 3kw controller? ' Can't tell you haha! Depends on waay to many factors, but if you install a temp sensor in your motor then you can push it hard and back off if it gets too hot...
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    Again...3T, 4T, 5T, 6T difference

    Whoa chalos back! Had to re read to check the date.
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    A2B Metro BMS Replacement options

    Not sure if a2b parts are available in other parts of the world but here (aus) they are long gone. Full functionality requires the proprietary bms. I think the system still works with a simple bms with a 2 wire output (pos + neg only) but you loose battery charge level indicator on the...