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    Hyper Explorer 29er

    Interested to see how your cable brakes and rotors hold up if your suspension has already bit the dust. I don't really need much of a push to swap on hydraulic brakes but I think that $30 upgrade is well worth it above 25 mph. cool build, I was considering doing the mods to the my1020 motor I...
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    Who makes the best high output 72v battery pack?

    I dont have personal experience with either of the companies but they have a lot of recommendations on DIY Facebook groups and Youtube for what that's worth. Amorge Power has pretty solid satisfaction ratings and can seemingly customize to whatever your heart desires. The teardown videos show...
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    Controllers ? vesc?

    The esk8 forum has a very extensive write up on the flipsky 75100 and some variations/knockoffs. Pretty good details on updating firmware and issues to watch out for. I believe the aluminum heat sink version 75100 can handle 40 amps but I'd definitely read through that thread a bit before...
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    Ninja 250 "Clone" Made in China

    Really interesting and incredible results as usual from your workshop. Is there a video describing the process you used to do some trial runs? I don't think I have seen an amateur workshop produce a part like this before (havent been searching for it but impressive to be sure). Obviously the...
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    Grom electrification

    Do you have a link showing a completed build? I am guessing they used the gear ratios from the gas bike too which makes the lower end pretty torquey and not high enough speed. Can't argue with the simplicity though, I have been wondering what took them so long to make a bolt on kit for all the...
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    Sketchy Battery Pack?

    Warning: long post In general you will often see a peak of burst amperage at start up from stop and then it tapers down when you reach cruising speed because you won't need as many watts to keep your speed (under 25mph, it would be a little different the faster you try to go). Depending on...
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    VESC STR-500 100V 500A Launched

    Very interested to see some reviews on that. Seems packed with features but dropping some real money on a display (albeit supposed to be able to interact with the vesc, BMS, log GPS , etc.)
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    10kW 72v Electric mini bike build

    what are your battery and motor temps after snow plowing for a while? Do they stay low with the fresh powder hitting the enclosures?
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    Sketchy Battery Pack?

    I think your title and intuition cover it. Pretty unlikely a $78 battery on Ebay with 400 other copycat versions has high quality enough cells to push 30A for very long. But if you don't mind keeping an eye on it during charging and don't leave it plugged in overnight next to anything flammable...
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    Bms for 20s 35ah molicel 45b pack

    I think you are on the right path. Doubling your max continuous amps might be a little overkill BUT so often these things are advertised with a much higher rating than they can actually handle for realistic riding situations you will definitely want some headroom. Additionally getting something...
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    FlipSky 75100 Pro V2

    Not yet, I still have the original version I am tinkering with. I had been loosely following the thread on the esk8 forum since they have a very in depth review, troubleshooting and custom firmware linked there of the various 75100 and some closely related knockoffs. By all accounts the...
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    My ~12 year old Electric Scooter Project - BladeZ XTR SE

    Yeah that motor mount could be twisting under the torque of the motor causing some misalignment. If you can get your hands on some aluminum (which is workable with wood working tools), you could make a metal one. Are you sure about the belt sprockets? Belt Cogs for Electric Scooters, Bikes and...
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    My ~12 year old Electric Scooter Project - BladeZ XTR SE

    It might be a tension issue or slightly misaligned if one of the sprockets is bent or your motor is a little off kilter. You could also jump ship to a belt drive if you find the right sprockets. Never have to oil those
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    Enduro with a Clutch and Transmission

    Lol oh right, duh, even shown in the photos. Pretty simple to change rotation before or after the transmission. Point taken on the precision of lifting the front wheel with the mechanical clutch. I am still stubbornly thinking there is a way to do it electronically with regen braking or a...
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    Enduro with a Clutch and Transmission

    First of all, good luck and good for you trying something different. The parts are there, might as well try it and see if it matches the vision in your head. I can't really offer much on a full sized dirt bike build but cheerleading so go team. Are you concerned with your gear ratios being set...
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    my1020 problems when parried with kelly controller

    What are your power levels/ relative speed?
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    sleeper powerwheels build, thoughts on battery

    Does it have the torque you expect for higher amps and then stop pulling at that speed? Or is it struggling to get that high off the bat (any stuttering or weird noise)? After confirming the wiring connections are good and secure (and not wet or corroded) and your kelly settings match what you...
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    Razor e300 ultra. Technical guide

    Did the ultra Razor ever get a proper test or did you find a better toy to occupy your time? Admittedly a big problem for myself...
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    My new eBike shop: Structuring, building, and pricing. Reflections and criticisms please.

    Free opinions from a guy that doesn't have the guts to do this: I don't know what a small car mechanic's shop pays in liability insurance but I am positive they have similar problems of overconfident fools bringing in a heap of junk and asking for miracles in a day or 2. Surely there is some...
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    Belt and chain custom frame build thread

    I do too, I have seen a few people say it was less taxing than the traditional thumb throttle but I am sure it eventually boils down to preference. I suppose it is less strain to roll the button left/right rather than push down/forward, seems like it would be less prone to jerky movements over...
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    Belt and chain custom frame build thread

    Found one at a better price! Still a little pricey but not >$200. They also have an option with integrated buttons that look pretty slick for whatever you'd use those for either on the controller or for lights or something...
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    FLIPSKY new 20s 100A tiny controller (vesc based)

    Basically new cells would be able to provide that 50 amps, so if you have put it through some charge cycles, it would have dropped a bit. If you have witnessed 35A being used with no problems, it's probably fine to start there. If you have power cutting out, then you have to figure out if it's...
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    sleeper powerwheels build, thoughts on battery

    Here is a suspiciously low priced option claiming really high power, link to the website to buy it in the thread. Additionally, I thought these would be good to put 2 in series for 72v for a pretty compact powerhouse for...
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    FLIPSKY new 20s 100A tiny controller (vesc based)

    I think you can make it work if you want to get into all of the settings and learn the vesc software interface. It will increase your output dramatically if your battery is able to safely output more current, definitely something to confirm before changing to any different controller. There are...
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    sleeper powerwheels build, thoughts on battery

    I don't have direct experience with karting batteries but I am a little surprised I haven't seen more of the larger screwtop cells used considering their claimed massive output and simple assembly/reassembly. I have only seen 1 build on youtube using those but he had monster acceleration up to...