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  1. sico

    jonescg In the News! Re-using batteries from his bike in the shed. Good idea :) Simon
  2. sico

    Norco A line; Following in Timma's footsteps.

    Oh, cool are you going to post pics? :wink: If Chris checks back in and is keen we should try and get a crew going. I remember Mark (DingosERide) and Greg from back then as well. The forum has gone pretty apesht in the mean time, looks like there are quite a few Perth people here. My Yuba...
  3. sico

    Norco A line; Following in Timma's footsteps.

    Fellas! Been a while! New bike is looking sweet Matt, and Chris, back in Perth ... did you move to Albany? I now live in Bayswater, not too far from the old Garret Bridge spot where we launched a few group rides in 2012-13. This is my current ebike: I ride about 150km a week on a pedal bike...
  4. sico

    Perths next group ride Sunday May 5

    Hey, funny last time I couldn't make it because of a family trip to NZ, this time a work trip to Rome :| I don't travel that much, the rides are pretty sporadic! Agree, would love to see the ChromoCruiSer up close. I hope Kim gets it on the road for you guys to check out. And yeah, I think...
  5. sico

    Bargain wheel set with nexus 8 speed & hub motor

    I say let it stay, very valid questions and comments, and Matt will start a different build thread anyway. I just ordered one myself, being more inclined towards the low power with plenty of pedalling of late.
  6. sico

    Any USA expatriates here?

    Gumtree is probably like craigslist: You may be surprised to find that inner suburban/city apartment living is more expensive to rent or buy here than freestanding houses on land. That may be changing though.
  7. sico

    Christmas in Perth!

    Merry Christmas lads, its been a good ebike year for me, I think I did about 8000 ekm on 2 different bikes, killed a bike, quite a few spokes, a motor and some batteries but still ready for more action in 2013. Hopefully I can make the next group ride. Cheers, Simon.
  8. sico

    Perth Australia Group Ride date Sat 17 November 2012 10am

    Hi Lads, I can't make this one, as I'm off with the family to NZ between 1-17th of Nov. Looking forward to the next one now the weather is a bit nicer. Cheers, Simon.
  9. sico

    Motorcyclist clocked at 193 mph on NY highway - in the rain!

    It's pure and simple self-centred hedonism and indulgence ... putting others at risk with no benefit to them and only your own self pleasure in mind. Sure, others are bigger dickheads, and do worse things, but that doesn't justify this, and no amount of verbal or intellectual grandstanding...
  10. sico

    Belt driven off road bike (Giant Reign)

    Its looking great mate and should be a plush ride. :) That pully looks a bit vulnerable in case of a right side down dumping, but I guess that will never happen :wink: Simon
  11. sico

    In praise of hose clamps :)

    Continuing the hose clamp praise, here's a battery box held together with 6 hose clamps: And a couple of dodgy switch installations using hose clamps (I have a definitive version now, but no photos):
  12. sico

    2 ebike builds, 1x hub drive MP, 1x chain drive hpm5000b

    Nice work mate, 68kph is damn quick. :) 8) Do you have a pic of the bike as it was when you ran it? How did you mount the battery?
  13. sico

    Aussie Role Call

    I've tried 'em all on my back and I reckon drinking is the hardest :P :)
  14. sico

    Has anyone done an electric Fixie ?

    Cool ebike component. :)
  15. sico

    Has anyone done an electric Fixie ?

    Can they tell the difference between forwards and backwards torque though? :wink:
  16. sico

    Has anyone done an electric Fixie ?

    Because the crank sensor turns the motor on when the pedals are going and the pedals are going when the motor is going ... I suppose you could switch it off though.
  17. sico

    Has anyone done an electric Fixie ?

    Haha, imagine a fixie with a pedalec sensor, it would be on constantly ... hopefully there's no traffic around. Re: Single speed ebikes, not at all uncommon, I have two and I'd venture 50% or more of the bikes on here are also single speeds.
  18. sico

    Would you agree to have a windturbine in your neighborhood

    I voted no, since I live within a kilometre of an international airport, and the "no" vote looked really sparse and I love an underdog. I also recently learned that wind turbines increase the temperature near the ground so that's great news for Canadians and Alaskans alike...
  19. sico

    SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing Sat April 7th 2012 Grange Racetra

    I agree, it would have been good to get a heads up that electric/open trophies needed to be supplied by a volunteer ESer before the race. No foul on the guy who donated his trophies for gassers only though.
  20. sico

    The Mid Drive Hub as a Non Hub Group

    Awesome video dude ... love how you replace the chain and then jump straight back on :D Do you think the motor needs a finger/bash/trouser guard, or does it feel safe enough as is?
  21. sico

    Stealth Bomber Geometry

    So, analogously, if someone were to ask for the geometry of a high class hooker, they could expect similar backlash on this forum. :|
  22. sico

    Not being able to drive smoothly at half speed MAC

    Re: on/off mac at low speeds, I was planning to switch to a magura throttle this weekend to try and tackle this issue (I run 48v with a cellman 9fet don't know what model... brought around the middle of last year) . Anyone have feeling whether this will solve the problem, or am I wasting my...
  23. sico

    Stealthy lipo filled custom frame

    I think a liability waiver is the perfect way to deal with this for sphere customers. We should have a standard form stickied to the top of the for sale section and sellers can adapt it to their needs. :) Loving the frame too dude.
  24. sico

    Hyena's e-bike builds (now with HD video)

    Glad the stack didn't do any damage and fingers crossed your over the hump on the other medical dramas. 8) I had a low speed speed fall the other week (lost the front wheel on wet very sharp corner) and definitely would have lost skin without my gloves ... always worn. 45kph is a scary speed...
  25. sico

    Anyone interested in 2000W hub motor?

    The 3000w ali baba link has a picture of full throttles stealth.