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    Revolt RV-series motor review and comparisons

    Snowy nailed it, many knowledgeable, considerate and long term forum posters tried to help; generously donated time and knowledge, but here we are with bold red letters blaming all who seek a discourse, truth, evidence, and peer review. Please accept constructive comments, this shared knowledge...
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    What's with this censoring nonsense happening on the forum?

    I agree, the value of ES is separating truth from opinion and combating misinformation with knowledge sharing and peer review. Mods, please eliminate forum censoring that retains misinformation in response to individuals with a noisy victim mentality. The resource that is ES is degraded every...
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    Nomad - Brat Enduro ASI8000 build

    Awesome build, fast and it looks fantastic, and you built it on a pretty tight budget which takes a lot of commitment. Glad you are happy with the result :bolt: :bigthumb: :bolt:
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    Albatros enduro bike.

    Looking forward to more video. The construction of this bike is so awesome!
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    27.5 plus mid drive

    Great build and thanks for sharing. Very nice mix of power with low weight and a touch of hand crafted design. The floating triangle battery imbues a lightness to the asthetic.
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    E-S LMX 64 Bike Owners

    CD that blue looks amazing, great choice. What's the rim width? Component wise I'll probably run a Sun Ringle Duroc 35 front (30mm), spare 180mm Rockshox lyric, used 57mm Fox CTD, TRP brakes supplied by LMX,11-46 cassette with SLX shifter and mech. Better turn my attention to a battery.
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    2mm Polycarbonate vs. 3mm Acrylic

    Polycarbonate, what do you intend to use it for? Keep in mind it's hygroscopic. Edit, just realised your comparison thickness varies so maybe the acrylic depending on the application.
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    Axiom: a 100kW+ motor controller

    Congratulations, inspiring to see such focused collaboration and engineering capability benefit the EV community. This is a so awesome!
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    New weldless battery system crowdfunfing project

    Polycarbonate is hygroscopic, I am not sure if this affects the suitability but worth considering.
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    LMX 64 : Freeride Ebike with dual drive and torque sensor

    Thanks Adam, fwiw I think those looking for a larger battery should consider inserting a pack with the rear wheel and shock removed, or a two piece welded pack, or a modular NESE at 14s8p. Note, this opinion is based on my rudimentary estimates so consider with caution.
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    LMX 64 : Freeride Ebike with dual drive and torque sensor

    Exactly, these bikes are a significant investment please keep the early supporters informed. Also, if paint options available a customer email might be a better idea than an ES post.
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    Revolt RV-series motor review and comparisons

    The discourse about measurement accuracy and precision is fascinating and worthy of a standalone thread with examples/ industry standards. I appreciate EG's effort and those skilled in analysing the real world charcteris of motors, controllers and measurement devices.
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    Wind and Solar vs Coal, Gasoline, Nuclear

    Lots of charts and various sources in this thread so I thought this report is of interest: The premise of the link is an Illustration of how the levelised cost of energy (LCOE) derived from wind and...
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    LMX 64 : Freeride Ebike with dual drive and torque sensor

    Congratulations on achieving your goals. In the preorder offer, can you please consider supplying a small batch of developer kits? For example, supply frame only with motor, rear hub, and drive sprocket. Might help those that want to support LMX but struggle with the full cost of 4583€. Does...
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    "Monster Board" High power 4X4 board with ATV tires

    Congrats Recumpence, you build some wild ideas and this is so unique :D I've been following with interest, thanks.
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    BBSHD 3KW controller opinions (Aust)

    Hi James, I'm interested in a new controller. Based in Brisbane.
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    Titanium Fatbike - Bafang Ultra and Phaserunner

    Outstanding write up, thanks for sharing this information. Much milling did the case? Looks like a .5mm on the large section. Please let us know if/ when you hit thermal protection on the phaserunner. Cheers
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    Albatros enduro bike.

    Fantastic design, congratulations on improving your design. I am suprised trellis frames are not more popular. The Dogatti bike had a trellis frame if I remember correctly. Great work and thanks for posting the geometry details.
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    Electric Buell racebike build

    Nice progress, the cat seems happy. Amusing/ interesting design evolution considering the original design, and now the twin spars are working with a spaceframe to holding batteries that replace a very traditional stressed member. Off topic but seeing a KTM freeride battery made me consider...
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    Electric Buell racebike build

    Freaking awesome, thanks for sharing the renders and details. I've ridden a few Buell's and my impression is the front end can be a little twitchy on change of direction under power. I imagine you'd have a better idea. From a semantics perspective over constructed equates with under engineered...
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    Toyota Prius A/C Compressor Motorbike: The Bike of IPM Motor Science

    Great project, nice to see the motor didn't go to waste. Did you fabricate the gears?
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    Better passenger solution A.K.A. save my marriage

    I have the same question and would love to hear from anyone who has regularly transported two adults on a cargo bike. For example, a Yubda Mundo or similar. All opinions welcome, prefer not to go with a tandem.
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    Top 21700 cells: LG M50 5000mAh vs Samsung 48G 4800mAh

    Thank you for sharing the test results. Logging cell temperature or even just peak temperature would be a very interesting, particularly at the higher discharge rates.
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    High Amperage BMS Reccomendation

    If you are willing to optimise the system for 16S you could use this product: Discharge/Charge/Regen current 750A if used with external relays, current sensor and mounted on a heatsink.
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    Nucular electronics - complete kit for ev!

    Congratulations, must take a lot of hard work and time to configure these features. Very innovative for the hobby market. I look forward to purchase and testing.