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    Turnigy 10s nanotech battery - local pickup only usa san diego

    hey im interested could we meet up? im in san diego
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    Yamaha YZ250F

    Hi, Bjork. I also ordered something from 3shul and they said it would ship out on Tuesday. I haven't received any email or anything but I messaged Hackey and he said he was (or is i cant really tell from the msg) out of town.
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    92 nissan micra ev conversion

    where are you located?
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    Help with electric Minibike 48v build

    hi, this sounds like a cool little project. If you used 4 20v 4ah battery packs in 2s2p it would be 40v 8ah or 320wh. The range would be greatly dependent on how much power you are running but I would guess 3-5 miles.
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    Self-Discharge UPDATE On 30Q 141 Cells

    I bought some 30q cells from BH in overstock packs and reclaimed the cells. How would I know if they were self discharging? the packs have all been within .03v besides one whole pack that was dead out of the 40 I ordered. They have been sitting for about 3 months as I work on other aspects of my...
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    Yamaha YZ250F

    you should download the app and check out some of the settings, by what he showed it seems like it gives a good explanation of what each setting does. I think the app is really capable just not many people have documented it
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    Yamaha YZ250F

    yea this one is helping me. He also has some cool videos of the bike running with it. It looks fast
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    Yamaha YZ250F

    I havent gotten my bike up and running yet. I have a bunch of cell modules i still have to disassemble. But i didnt really plan on having much more than a throttle and ignition. it does have some misc 12 pins i believe. What other inputs do you have on your bike?
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    LightningRods mid drive kit

    anyone know what voltage supply the hall sensor on the big block motor needs? my controller has a 3.3v and 5v output
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    Yamaha YZ250F

    looks good. Are you able to ride in more populated areas without people noticing?
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    Yamaha YZ250F

    I recently bought cl350 from them. Sometimes they respond fast if i send it during their day time. There facebook page did get hacked. However he started a new one over all id give it a 6.5/10, great product just hard to deal...
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    Just found an insane deal on brandnew 2s10p Samsung packs

    i always check BH, a few months ago I got a bunch of Samsung 30qs for about a dollar each.
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    2 Separate 14s8p batteries in series, Question

    I am going to have a 28s8p battery pack on my ebike. It will be on each side of the frame, so i was planning to make both sides their own separate 14s 8p battery pack (with bms) then use a dongle to connect them in series before going into the controller. Is this safe to do? will it function...
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    crf450r 45kw race bike build

    if im not mistaken i believe that that is just a model to fit the bike together
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    Does battery chemistry affect range?

    ok so if i had a 2kwh 100v li ion and lipo battery they should have the same range even though lipo has a smaller voltage range?
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    Does battery chemistry affect range?

    Im in the process of looking for some battery cell and am wondering if battery chemistry affects the range of the ev, because of the voltage range per cell. A lithium ion cell can go from ~2.4-4.2v but a lifepo4 can only go from 2.5-3.65v since the lithium ion have more effective range if they...
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    where to Buy Good Li Ion Pouch Cells in the USA

    Im looking for smth 3.7v 16-20ah with ~5c cont 10 peak. I can find a few on websites like aliexpress but dont want the hassle of going through customs again, i bought a motor and controller and got hit with 450 shipping then 500 customs tax ontop of that, costing more than the motor its self...
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    crf450r 45kw race bike build

    wow looks good, is that 700 battery or phase amps?
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    QS 180 90H vs Zero 75-7

    I ended up getting the qs 180 with the 721800. QS severely underates their motors so I think it should be good, I have not tested it however
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    mike wasnt the scammer, lakefernsby was. He created an account and pretended to be mike
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    someone was pretending to be the seller and scammed somone.
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    ESC with output capacity up to 20KW VESC

    What are the dimensions of this controller?
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    LightningRods mid drive kit

    whats the highest voltage for the big block motor? i saw the website said 100v, is that nominal or peak?
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    Wanted..120~160V controller this one can do 30s 600 battery amps they also have some smaller ones
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    That guy that messaged you is not the seller. Look at his name, he messaged me but I found out before it was too late. I'm not sure why mike has not responded to this post