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  1. Bandit1961


    How much did you pay for it & before you saw the ad, what would you expect for that price?
  2. Bandit1961

    My new eBike shop: Structuring, building, and pricing. Reflections and criticisms please.

    In my humble opinion... no matter what your shop looks like & what prior knowledge, preparations & liabilities you account for... it all depends on your location & the need for it in that location to run a sucessful businesses in this industry
  3. Bandit1961

    Bosch power pack BMS raplacement? Can it be done?

    Theres a noticable spark (shunt) when reconnecting power to the board. For risk of damage to the balance wires, they are always the 1st thing I remove & the last thing I attach.
  4. Bandit1961

    Repairing a Bosch BMS

    I just got a batch of powertubes - And your right ! I've managed to remove & repair one ... so they don't need a line voltage support... its pretty much the same cct as the powerpacks but split into 2 boards.
  5. Bandit1961

    A2B Metro Battery int or ext

    Im in the UK ... Ideally im looking for non working to rebuild. Ive already rebuilt a rear to 21Ah
  6. Bandit1961

    Repairing a Bosch BMS

    What's scary is you quoting something I didn't post in regards to 300WH 400 & 500 WH (its a small 'h' btw). I just hope your more accurate with electronics.
  7. Bandit1961

    What kind of safety measures do you take when building battery at home?

    Getting the sweet spot excuse the pun) settings with your spot welder will take a bit of getting used to as when you do a few welds you'll probly notice a difference and hence ruin a few cells in the process... Pm me & I'll send you some dead cells to practice on foc.
  8. Bandit1961

    What kind of safety measures do you take when building battery at home?

    Practice practice practice... Get some dead cells & try building a smaller pack with them first. Your bound to make mistakes no matter how much good/bad advise your given... So get yourself some practical experience 1st & build up your confidence.
  9. Bandit1961

    EV Bonfire at Luton Airport carpark

    Unfortunately, we live in an age where facts seldom make the news... and that's a matter of fact.
  10. Bandit1961

    A2B Metro throttle issue.... bike taking off on its own.

    Good question but unfortunately I don't have the answer, but similar things have happened to me when starting. There's many an A2B'er on here so hopefully some solutions will pop up.
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    I tweaked a mobility scooter

    All of a sudden, getting older looks like a lot more fun
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    EV Bonfire at Luton Airport carpark

    There's mounting speculation that a spontaneous combustion of an EV vehicle could be the root cause. There's been a backlash on ebikes not being safe - this could result in a backlash of EV vehicles of some magnitude.
  13. Bandit1961

    Low voltage in one P group

    The only way is with a thermal camera
  14. Bandit1961

    Complete power loss with 15 seconds

    if you've taken the battery apart and are still able to test it on the bike. do the same test again until it fails and check each cell group. If your quick enough you might see 1 (or more ) groups is low & when you charge, 1 (or more) goes high. It can be used as a pointer to the problem cell...
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    Your EV maytake you hostage and try to kill you !

    The whole thing sounds a bit dodgy to me... with the lack of police they usually turn up next day - not next junction
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    Battery question

    Do you still have the case for the A2B?
  17. Bandit1961

    Retirement Time

    The more you make sense of it, the clearer you see the hamster wheel... Enjoy your now time.
  18. Bandit1961

    hailong 48v 10ah batteru

    . 6 voltage drop over a 13s sounds reasonable, but you need to give it at least 2 weeks to know if it can actually hold a charge & stabalize.
  19. Bandit1961

    Repairing a Bosch BMS

    do you have any BMS for sale ?
  20. Bandit1961

    Repairing a Bosch BMS

    Yes - I repair powerpacks
  21. Bandit1961

    Repairing a Bosch BMS

    True for the Powertubes, but the Powerpacks wont brick if removed from a voltage supply.
  22. Bandit1961

    Bosch powertube/powerpack BMS solutions

    It's only the Powertubes that brick themselves if removed from the voltage supply. The Powerpacks can be removed from the supply without that problem.
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    A2B Metro Battery int or ext

    A2B Metro/Hybrid type battery. Any condition ... preferably not working as I want to rebuild with 3Ah batteries