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    Dyno results on modified liquid cooled Bafang G062+BAC 2000+ Eggrider V2 60v

    Lots of power/no range. Where the enjoyment in that.
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    QSMOTOR,0.5-12kW Electric Hub Motor & Mid Drive Motor Manufacture China

    @QSMOTOR-are you guys having production issues. I ordered a 205/6T motor almost 2 month now.
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    Hill Scooters' Scooter

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    Best way to connect 4 separate 12s packs?

    Make parallel modules connection first then series paralleled modules. Importantly "Equalize all cell voltages before making parallel connections". For this setup only one 24S BMS is needed
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    Battery orientation issues.

    @amberwolf. It's an ev module from batteryhookup.
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    Battery orientation issues.

    What are possible issues with using a prismatic celled battery(ev module) in other than base down orientation on an ebike. Thx.
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    When is a Watt, not a Watt... and Other Stupid Questions.

    Power is the ability/rate of doing work. Regardless of power rating, if the motor is not able to spin due to being over loaded,, it's not making any power and therefore not able to do any work. Torque is the twisting/turning force trying to make the motor spin. Not enough torque to over come the...
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    Which Stator width (for direct drive motors) do you think will be the first to use .27mm laminations?

    true@neptronix. Grin is doing some good things, but their focus seem to be about motor weight reduction, not higher power or more efficient motors
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    I guess I need to make 72v 35ah battery pack

    Cells in parallel don't count as individual cells to a BMS. X# of smaller cells in Parallel is the same as a single large cell.
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    Hyper Explorer 29er

    @Chalo: Under the durest of your utter demise. lol. If you were to recommend a full suspension frame, what frame would that be. I am an old person who need all the ride cushioning possible
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    QSMOTOR,0.5-12kW Electric Hub Motor & Mid Drive Motor Manufacture China

    @QSMOTOR: I want to buy a 6 turn(7.29kv) Qs205-3Kw hub motor. What are the differences between the 6-Turn QS 205-3000W@48V/72V and 96V. If anyone knows the answer. The knowledge would be much appreciated, Thx.
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    VESC STR-500 100V 500A Launched

    finally got my unit. Will update on my usage experience
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    26" BMX DK Legend Build

    @Hummina Shadeeba -where can I buy this 2way throttle?
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    Leaf / leafmotor / leafbike high efficiency 1500w motor

    There are a few vesc options. But $$ is the decider
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    PSA: Don’t Ignore Strange Noises!

    @Chalo-where can I get a frame that large. Thanks
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    Need a recommendation for a Controller

    Phaserunner/baserunner or any decent vesc
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    DIY Bluetooth/BLE Adapter for Phaserunner

    @amberwolf-how you liking the V6 phaserunner.
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    DIY Bluetooth/BLE Adapter for Phaserunner

    Still waiting on Grins promised BT dongle for the phaserunner. Lol If you can make it work on android/open source you can definitely have my $$.
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    QSMOTOR,0.5-12kW Electric Hub Motor & Mid Drive Motor Manufacture China

    @QSMOTOR -Have not purchase motor as yet. Hoping to see which number of turns best meet my needs from simulation testings. Also what are the turn count options for the 3000W-205 hub motor. Thanks.
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    QSMOTOR,0.5-12kW Electric Hub Motor & Mid Drive Motor Manufacture China

    @QSMOTOR -where can I find the phase to phase resistance/inductance for all the turn counts of the 3000W QS205 hub motor. I want to do some simulation performance testing. Thanks.
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    VESC STR-500 100V 500A Launched

    I think the 30S 3shul use fet's with higher source to drain resistance, thus more internal heating.
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    VESC STR-500 100V 500A Launched

    Plus the trampa has some nice little detail features. I have 1 on order.
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    Netgain hyper 9 diy alternative?

    Made and investment in the Trampaboard STR 500. Due to arrive in December. Will update when I get it, Got 2 month to keep looking to find an alternate. If not, then it will be the hyper 9 Looking for recommend on 24S BMS just for battery monitoring, not charge/discharge.
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    Surly bridge club frame

    Thanks all for the great info.