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    New York State Medical Marijuana Program

    Just to keep things straight. Tylenol is not an NSAID. Boswellia is considered an NSAID.
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    Replacing a fuse that is soldered on, 48v 13ah ebike battery.

    Just something to keep in mind. 40 amps is really starting to push these blade holders and fuses. Even when I run them at 25-30 amps they start getting warm in this type of fuse holder. (Could also be why they were soldered?)
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    Eternal outskirts of Moscow and beyond (LOTS of pics!)

    Looks like bulk plastic (polyethylene, polystyrene, etc.). That's what almost all plastics look like before extrusion.
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    Keep the front derailleur for bbs02?

    I got rid on mine long ago and now run a 52t Lekkie ring so I don't know if it would fit anyway.
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    Battery from AliExpress

    Are you asking if Aliexpress is secure to shop at? Yes it is. I know many that have shopped there including myself. Never a problem. Great prices, questionable quality and slow shipping. Use PayPal or a credit card so you have a means to dispute charges if that's what is worrying you.
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    BBS02 programming question

    For those that aren't aware of it here is a great guide to programming the Bafang BBSXX - A Hacker’s Guide To Programming The BBS02 & BBSHD
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    BBS02 programming question

    Actually, I believe it' a combination of the two and not just cadence. I've seen the formula but couldn't find it for this posting. It favors cadence but also takes speed into account. It's easy to check out when riding.
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    humidity battery pack to avoid short circuit

    Taken to the extreme they can be filled with epoxy like Luna and a few others have done.
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    BBS02 programming question

    Maybe cruise isn't the best way to put it. On my BBHSD set to PAS 3 I pedal along right about 15 mph and uses about 75 watts although I have PAS 3 set to use up to 550 watts. If I come to a hill and start to slow down it will add power (up to 550 watts and as long as I'm pedaling) to keep or...
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    BBS02 programming question

    Correct. You can set each level to 100% speed and just vary them by level of assist but and then it is like 90% of the other ebikes out there. (IMHO) you defeat the beauty of the BBSXX controller of having basically a cruise control while you pedal. No other ebike to my knowledge has this cruise...
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    ...and I should have been more explicit. As @docw009 says displays need to be compatible but you are fortunate that the BBSXX have a large selection available. You can browse here and here for ideas and buy where ever you are most comfortable.
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    More details like what display, throttle etc. are going to be used. The electric bike forum started by Luna is also a good source of info for Bafang BBSXXs. Here's the details on all the wiring for a BBS02. BBSHD and BBS02 wiring pinout - Electricbike.com Ebike Forum
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    Ebike, battery splitter to backup battery

    Agree with @Chalo above that batteries in parallel last longer and perform better. There are battery combiners that are made for this. Here's one from Area13 - https://area13ebikes.com/products/dual-battery-parallel-connector
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    Bricked or compability issue? KT controller, noisy motor, throttle turning off periodically.

    Sorry if this is irrelevant (or too late) as I didn't wade through all the details. You talk about getting a sensorless replacement and I can't tell if the old controller was sensorless but your new controller is definitely a sensored controller.
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    Decathlon hub motor with no limit controller

    (My reply came off as a bit snarky. Apologies. Not intended....)
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    Decathlon hub motor with no limit controller

    Really? This is 2024. Just point AI at it. Here's what Google AI says -
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    Anyone have experience with LiFePo4 scooter batteries?

    If you want a peak inside the different brands of LFP batteries stop over and visit Will Prowse on YouTube. He regularly cuts up different brands of battery and gives an informed opinion of what he does and doesn't like about the manufacture. He focuses on the solar side of things but much of...
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    Parallel Charging into three different batteries with separate BMS's

    You may want to review this thread especially towards the end where different hardware is discussed - Dual identical batteries in parallel safety/simplicity Questions
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    Ultimate puncture proof bike tires? testing Kenda K-shield and K-shield Plus

    I stopped by Aliexpress just to see what tires they have that are colored. I see Kenda has some but sizes are extremely limited. Even some solid colored tires. Fun to look at but wouldn't dare ride any of them.
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    MAX speed of 30mph on my DIY E-Bike kit. 3000w, 72v battery, 30amp controller. What am I doing wrong?

    Does it quickly accelerate to 30 mph and then just stop accelerating or does it get slowly run out of acceleration as the speed climbs and just barely reach 30 mph?
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    Li Time mini LiFePO4 battery made with pouch cells. Charging? Voltage measurement?

    A YouTuber called Will Prowse has reviewed them several times and likes them. He's tested and cut them up (along with many others). Knowledgeable info.
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    Charging a Li battery from a 4Runner alternator.

    I do the van-life thing occasionally with my ebike (BBHSD @ 52v) in the back. The van has 200 watts of solar, a LFP 100 ah house battery independent of the starting battery and a 500 watt inverter. I travel with 2 chargers these days. The small Luna 3 amp charger I use in the van on the inverter...
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    1,500 lb eTrike???

    I haven't followed the whole thread but from what I understand you may want to explore electric tuk-tuks (as I think they are called). Not sure how shipping to Palmer works for something like that though.
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    6 punctures in 16 months, help!

    I've ridden Austin several times. The trail loop along both sides of the river is an excellent ride, but every time I've gotten off it and tried to navigate the in-city bike routes I've thoroughly regretted it.
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    6 punctures in 16 months, help!

    I was hoping the OP (@Smurf2 ) would let us know how his Schwalbe tires are working out.........