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  1. SlowCo

    I Bought a Talaria Sting R MX4...

    And an Ultra Bee will fit you better. With even more possibilities to upgrade...
  2. SlowCo

    KZ440 road legal cafe racer

    Great project! I'll check out your vids this evening.
  3. SlowCo

    I Bought a Talaria Sting R MX4...

    Just give her yours and buy a Sur Ron Ultra Bee!
  4. SlowCo

    20Kw motor and 300A ESC (ultralight aircraft propulsion system)

    Will you build a new battery pack for this project? If so, what cells will you use?
  5. SlowCo

    KTM conversion ELXC

    Very nice project(y)
  6. SlowCo

    1974 Vespa 125 Primavera conversion, 5kw hub motor

    The swing looks flimsy not being boxed up until the rear end. And the brake force on that small bolt will be far too great and cause it to fail. Not a good or sturdy design.
  7. SlowCo

    Eternal outskirts of Moscow and beyond (LOTS of pics!)

    Damn that must be hard on you and your family. Stay strong and enjoy your time with friends and family!
  8. SlowCo

    Speed up my Super Soco TS

    Apparently they really locked the controllers or used a different controller from 2021 onwards that can't be derestricted easily. So you'll need a new controller and battery pack when you want to increase the top speed: Thread on derestricting >2021 models and Reddit thread on derestricting New...
  9. SlowCo

    I am building a 24v e-bike and would like to add a kill switch that would cut power to the motor but I am afraid of a high voltage spike

    Most ebike controllers have brake switches/connectors that cut the power. What controller are you using?
  10. SlowCo

    Speed up my Super Soco TS

    Kunde gij zelf nie googlen ofzo...?
  11. SlowCo

    How do u run a 350w hub at 500 or more watts(anyone who has commented on this thread please read the newest post to gain a better perspective)

    Hahaha, very funny april fools joke acting like a cursing troll and making no sense... (or you really are as dumb as you come across...:unsure: )
  12. SlowCo

    Hyper Explorer 29er

    Great build again as usual from you:bigthumb:
  13. SlowCo

    Fiido Q1S 5kW dual motor: VESC + modular DIY OpenSource electronics and software

    I don't know what the drop out width of the bike is and what size tire will fit but maybe one of the QS hub motor with rims is a match? QS moped motor
  14. SlowCo

    Fiido Q1S 5kW dual motor: VESC + modular DIY OpenSource electronics and software

    Great little bike! I suspect the StatorAde will help a lot. Next step will be a bigger diameter motor.
  15. SlowCo

    QS138 90H V3 Max Voltage

    Why use a motor version with build in reduction on a go kart with small wheels? I suspect it will be better to use the QS180 motor without reduction and use direct drive with a chain/sprocket final reduction.
  16. SlowCo

    KLR250 Scrambler Build

    I missed this thread. But I like the style of your build. Any updates?
  17. SlowCo

    Yamaha GTS 1000 -260/35-21/240/40-18

    Nice new project👍
  18. SlowCo

    My Chinese E-Scooter

    Great result with the Votol! Is it easy to configure/set-up for a more novice person? Or not recommended for reasonably inexperienced builders? For you the next step is to build a larger battery pack ;)
  19. SlowCo

    Masini Extremo build scooter with >30kw

    Do they actually measure the power at TÜV-approval time? And is that continuous or max kW?
  20. SlowCo

    Masini Extremo build scooter with >30kw

    Nice build! As you are in Germany, what moped/motorcycle-class is it? Is it a L3e-A1 light two wheeler?
  21. SlowCo

    Is a 50KW Out Runner motor any good for a retro street motorcycle?

    Sounds like a great project! QS motors (SiAECOSYS) are here on this forum for direct support: QS Motor thread on E-S Their direct AliExpress store has the QS138 90H V3 with gear reduction in a kit with controller and accessories: QS138 90H V3 geared kit And they are working on a new hairpin...
  22. SlowCo

    65 Honda Dream conversion: thoughts and suggestions on a basic plan.

    See this thread here on E-S: Honda Dream hub motor conversion And read through some of the threads of (almost) completed conversions to get an idea of the possible ideas and solutions: Conversion threads
  23. SlowCo

    Street legal Cafe Racer build.

    This looks like an awesome project! I'll follow with lots of interest. Good luck and enjoy the build.
  24. SlowCo

    10kW 72v Electric mini bike build

    :eek: That's really too cold. I hate it that it will start freezing (-1 to -3 degrees daytime) here from tomorrow for a few days. Enjoy your "winter sports" on the mini bike!