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    sleeper powerwheels build, thoughts on battery

    yes it has the expected torque and is pulling the expected higher amps when accelerating but hitting a limit quickly, yes the speed is the same with and without load. all my speed settings are maxxed out and my wiring is good and not corroded. i have comfirmed my throttle is good and my throttle...
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    KLS-N + MY1020D nonsense

    you can reflash your current KLS controller to KVD trapizoidal for free by emailing kelly your controller specs and serial number and asking for the reflash program, file and instrustions. the hardware between the KLS and KVD is the same, the software is the only difference. i did the same thing...
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    my1020 problems when parried with kelly controller

    hey there i have this 3000w motor running with a kelly KVD trapizoidal controller and am having issues getting it to speeds anywhere near that if your running the same controller can you share your settings please? like motor poles especialy
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    sleeper powerwheels build, thoughts on battery

    so i have some electric unicycles i also run on 60v and have taken the packs out of one to try in the cart they are good for 60A continous, unfortunately my kelly KVD controller is not what i expected, i have 15-44 12"OD wheel gearing but only get about 17 mph, this is lack luster, ive seen alot...
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    sleeper powerwheels build, thoughts on battery

    this is my sleeper powerwheels build, it currently uses a kelly KVD7215ND controller, MY1020 3000w motor and a 5ah 60v SLA pack. the battery is awful i know, but i bought the current motor and controller off marketplace and guy gave me the battery, im cheap and impatient so its in there, for...