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    Opening up a bionic motor

    why do you want to open it?
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    Completely Frozen spokes and nipples

    are you sure they are not rusted? I imagine some cheap China brand might us non-stainless steel for nipples
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    Ebike battery powered Ryobi 40v lawn tools?

    for sure you would have to match voltage and use Ryobi BMS ... would it be better to try to replace cells in the pack? for sure there is info about it on Internet I know you already have matching voltage pack
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    Using a non-fat tire on the front wheel of a fatbike

    when bike is used for winter ride replacing front tire with narrow would be very bad idea, but for summer rides why would you use fat tires ebike at all
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    rear hub motor roadside flat repair

    replaced inner tube more than once on my rear heavy bike all needed tools I carry with me - wrench to loosen torque arm, small wire cutter to cut tie wraps, screwdrivers to loosen fenders and luggage rack screws, etc., of course pump is a must, inner tube mount tools also
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    Mounting a battery to frame

    munting battery to the ebike frame ? you would have to use a lot of duck tape wriping around frame and battery, no worries about brackets and screws. duck tape is cheap and nice silver colour.
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    How many of u run a dc circuit breaker on your ebikes?

    it will not stop of course sparks , instead of carrying heavy breaker I would rather use small spark arrester cuirciut in paraller with main switch
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    How to run to charge a laptop/anything from bike

    by buying cheap step down DC-DC buck converter board, mount it into small box and attach , connect to battery
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    I will buy celllog no loggong type new or used
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    Cycle Analyst V3 preview and first beta release

    my CA V3 display is repaired. I got down to tactile switches under all glued adhesive tapes and what? one of the traces to switch was worn out and bearly contacted . NO ANY water damage, no humidity. how could it happened?? membrane ot tactile switch cut thought the trace on the board - pretty...
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    Dirt Cheap DIY eBike

    reclaimed old laptop batteries I tested some on CBA tester and in the best case they would deliver at most 80% of rated capacity written on the battery case I agree carring the extra weight of worn out cells is not worh it. beside try to find laptop battery with 3500mAh cells. very unlikely but...
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    Cycle Analyst V3 preview and first beta release

    thank you Amberwolf for answer maybe my mulitimer ohmmeter cannot measure this but must be some resistance of Megaohms on this tactile switches. simply there are not really opened and there is reason that they sell those front panels with switches.
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    Cycle Analyst V3 preview and first beta release

    it would be the shame to throw away this CA
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    Cycle Analyst V3 preview and first beta release

    since it is very comprehensive thread about CA V3. I hope I post in right thread. about troubleshooting after some wet snow riding my CA V3 displays RESET mode and switches are dead. after disconnecting screen with 2 switches CA powers up normally , it works normally with no display. it powers...
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    Integrated controllers

    around 40-50 kilometers /day - quite typical for June-August summer period. of course I had close calls during such millage. It took around 8 years to get such millage, I also ride my summer Eplus in May and September. yes internal controller heats up but is protected from overheating , will...
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    Integrated controllers

    there is Aug. 2022 right now I ride both of my Epluses, one summer and one winter. Just came back from 55 Kilometers trip around Calgary, CANADA BOTH of course do not use original NMH batteries, they belong to museum. BOTH my Epluses, I converted to pouch-cell battery packs. my summer Eplus...
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    Battery Backup

    I would never carry 2 batteries on any ebike is it what you mean?
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    Pedaling at high speed

    do riders in your area know what bicycle bell is for? in my city it is by-law to ring when approaching other bike or walker of course typical anglosaxson hates to acknowladge himself ...
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    Avid BB5 vs Avid BB7

    BB7 pads squeal depends on situation like ALL discbrake pads
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    Ebike riding with a speaker and lots and lots of lights?

    once I see rider in front of me with the headphones I really slow down. chances that he/she will hear me are rather slim. I agree pathways are not for fast riding unless very early in the morning, summer. still the biggest danger here in Calgary is from performance/sport bikes ridden by lycras...
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    Need to make cardboard template battery fit

    before I started building my battery pack I made cardboard model of battery case to figure out size and fit.
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    How many volts do you run on your daily driver ebike, emoped or eBSM?

    my Eplus drive equipped ebike runs at 37V nominal, usually I start at 43V fully charged which drops to around 41V minimum at the end of trips.
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    Hub motor as mid (illegalbike) 6000-12000W / 33-35kg

    but what about rear wheel cassette can you still change motor-rear sprocket gear ratio?
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    Around the world on a solar ebike

    will you be riding through Canada?
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    Hub motor as mid (illegalbike) 6000-12000W / 33-35kg

    incredible simplicity of this build so what are advantages of having motor at the cranks versus build into rear wheel.