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    Buck converter to run power tools off ebike "36v" LiFePO4 battery?

    I have an old cordless drill (and possibly some other tools) that have no batteries. I have a nice "36v" 24Ah LiFePO4 battery (voltage at full charge actually ~43.8V). What converter can I use to step that down to 18V for my drill? I'd especially like an adjustable-output converter with a...
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    Solar recumbent (tandem) trike

    Progress has been made! The e-assist is installed and pretty well tested. Solar panels and charge controller have arrived, and will be installed as soon as I get some more MC4 connectors and finish rigging up a "roof" structure to mount them on - probably in a couple days. The Grin All-Axle...
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    Solar recumbent (tandem) trike

    I've been looking at the motor simulator with some ballpark figures and it seems like 15mph going up a 1% grade is viable. That's showing a consumption of ~11 Wh/mile. With the 10 or so LiGo packs that I'd use in the final build, it would then have a 70ish mile range on a single charge. Based...
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    Solar recumbent (tandem) trike

    This is going to be my first attempt at an ebike build. It's an ambitious project, but I've got enough of a background in both bikes and basic electronics that I'm hopeful! I've spent the past couple days reading everything I can find here on ES and elsewhere. Unfortunately, I haven't seen...
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    One stop for solar charging ebike info?

    Here are some links & notes I pulled together during my last research dive into solar e-bikes. Between the youtube channel, the presentation from the GRIN / folks, and the info on the GRIN & Sol Mobil websites you should be able to get a pretty good notion of how the Sun Trip bikes...