BBS02 750W HARDTAIL (some help needed)


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May 12, 2017
Hello, this is my first post here. I have a bafang 750w hardtail with sram x5 gears. The problem is that the first and second gear are too far from my 48 chainring and when i try to wheelie or something the chain falls. The problem disappears when im in 3rd gear and higher. The other things is this strange clearance in the crankset. Ive seen other people having it too. I dont know if it affects me. My last question is about programming. Ive read some information here and there but cant seem to understand if i can switch on and off the thumb throttle without activating the pas and without shutting the computer entirely.
Sorry for my english and thanks for the help.


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one thing i don't like about my bafang is the bad chainline. try a custom cassette that moves the cogs that you need outboard:

The thing is i want to use my sram cassette and use all the gears. I dont want to be riding in first and second gear trying wheelies constantly worrying about my chain falling off.
As Overclocker says, put the front derailleur back on. I made that mistake of removing it when I fitted my kit, and got exactly the same issues as you. Put it back on and it stopped dropping the chain. A custom chainring with a better offset will help too.
Hello, this an update. I already snapped the chain after 15 days of riding it from brand new.... + the chain fell on 4-5 gear aswell a couple of times...
The bike itself doesnt have a front derailleur. It would be really helpful if someone links pictures to people actually using all of their speeds. I have a sram 10 speed cassette and i want to use all of the speeds so i can wheelie the bike. I also want to thumb throttle the first and the second gear cus its most fun and it accelerates the fastest.
Otherwise Im pleased with the bike and the bafang drive itself which is at around 3000 km so far.
I removed the front derailleur on my BBS02 bike before I realized that it was needed to keep the chain from coming off so I bought this since it was recommended here on the forum:

I NEVER had the chain come off with this set up.
I also swapped the front the sprocket for a 42 tooth Bling Ring, which I consider a mandatory change.

Good luck,