BBS02B controller.


10 mW
Mar 24, 2014
Hiya all.

I was riding my BBS02b a few months back and parked the bike up after the ride. All was good with the world 😀
4 days later I went to go for another ride and the unit wouldn’t fire up. No power to the display and no response from the controller when I plugged my laptop into it. ……. So I’m presuming the controller has had it! I just find it really strange that it was working just fine one day, then then whilst sitting in the shed it died….
Anyway, I didn’t have the cash to buy a new controller and I didn’t really know if this was the actual problem at the time and didn’t want to throw money at it.

So in order to keep riding I refitted my old hub motor…… a few weeks in it appears that it has a hall sensor problem!!

So I am at a crossroads and need to spend some money to keep riding.

The question that i need answering is this…Will the BBSHD controller fit into the BBS02B motor and run at 48v? I will also limit it to 25A as that’s the limit of my battery. From what little information I have gathered it appears that it will fit and the only mod needed is to change the connectors.

I don’t want to spend money on another BBS02 controller as they appear too fragile and I can’t be buying a new one every 6 months when it decides to die.

a BBSHD controller would be the perfect solution for me if it works. If not then I will spend my money on a new hub motor as I want reliability at the end of the day.

Any advise would be appreciated