Cylindrical cell assembly concept


100 W
Sep 14, 2012
Yes, and I'd like maximum energy density to begin with then compromise to achieve continuous power output. peak is a by product of these 2. And weight is inconsequential, I'm not using lead and I don't have a lot of space...

My challenge with this question was how to keep the pack modular, semipermanent and relatively simple to build DIY.

I've struck on an idea, a hybrid of Vruzend, N.E.S.E and my half baked circuit board design that I'm going to mess with. I'll feed back to the thread as I go.

Some principles:
- Vruzend is completely flexible in configuration and simple to assemble, but less dense by volume.
- N.E.S.E is semi-fixed in configuration and modular, BUT only if purchasing pre manufactured modules, and offers better density within its modular configurations.
- apply the principle of both plus the circuit board idea and it might make a pre-configureable design that adapts to each end use.
- I'm going to need to use a 3d printer...