Help choosing the right shaft (axis) on outrunner


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Sep 16, 2021
Orange country California
I want to pick up a pair of flipsky 6354 battle hardened for my razor e200 while they are on sale for $140.
And I need help to choose the shaft for the sprocket for #25 chain .
There are really not much selection out there other than the type with 2 set screw on a collar.

So which one should I get round shaft with keyway or d-axis.
Will one of the set screw be in the keyway slot allow me to position the sprocket to line up with chain?

Please check out the pictures

Also about the motor selection since both 6374 and 6354 are on sale. Which one would be a better choose if I am only going to run it with 36v 30a controller at about 1kw. I weight 200#
Mainly city use no crazy hill climb no off road and no wheelie needed.

Thank you


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