Kona Stinky Restore

99t4 said:
chuyskywalker said:
...and also push the rotor out far enough to get a proper caliper on there.
Don't forget to check dished rotor to seat stay clearance.

True, but it's far easier to add a thin washer or two and offset the motor a bit further from the stay (and maybe add a bit of dishing to the spokes) to make up for that.
sendcutsend is amazing. Worked a charm:

2023-02-13 09.41.53.jpg

2023-02-13 09.41.46.jpg

So far the motor cable is happy, the caliper fits without any interference, and the caliper pads are making good contact.

The opening in the middle is extremely tight, so that could use a bit more diameter. Had to add one extra axle washer to avoid a collision (the bolt holding the arm to the dropout was hitting my rotor's "mid plate" bolt heads).

Could fix the collision with a revision that uses chainring bolts instead of these normal m5's, but I'll see how the V1 fares in ride testing before I consider another cut order.

2023-02-13 22_09_07-Window.png
Nice build, battery fitment is everything along with the full suspension, keeping the bumps minimized, dialing in the spring rate and I bet she rides over the bumps real smooth. Tire tread pattern and widths are terrain dependent, nice to have the option to go wide or narrow on the tire. Looks to be a 2003'ish Kona Stinky, I'm in the market for something similar.