mosfet testing 2022


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Jun 3, 2010
I did a thread on mosfet testing back in 2010 which showed a simple method for tested mosfets using 12v battery and lightglobe, its quite reliable way to test them.
( the old thread: )
anyhoo added some additional info for using led to test and different wiring layout for N and P chanel mosfets
The basic idea is you use your hand just touch it on the pos and neg battery terminals and the light goes on/off if the mosfet is working correctly.

Using 12v battery and 12v lightglobe

Using led and 12v battery ( probably 9v battery will work but haven't tested as yet shall do shortly)

Also found a video from 2017 of someone who does same method, very very simple to build this tester.
woth reading the comments on this video also if going to use this method, some good pointers.