New Airless Tire Designs

The blue one looks a little like one variation of the "bulletproof" tires here:
I’ve seen a couple of engineers on YouTube make tires like this.(the red tires pic)
There's always something wrong with the designs and they don’t typically work that great. Feel like so many people have attempted these airless tire designs, but it never seems to work out.
Interesting that there's another serious player in the foam tire insert world other than Tannus.
Their system looks more technologically sophisticated and is said to give up to '5000km' of ride..

Truth is that these foam things have a lifetime no matter how you cut it... Tannus recommends you deflate your tire to prolong the life of the insert, but don't state the lifespan.. which according to some users is ~6 months.

Looks like they're still under development? bummer but worth a future re-check
One of the problems with any of the airless designs I've seen is you can't adjust them for the actual conditions or vehicle / rider / etc weight. Some of them are made in multiple versions equivalent to different spring strengths, but you have to pick just one and can't just vary the tire pressure to adjust for conditions/etc.

And none of them do what a pneumatic tires does--spread the load thru the entire tire across the entire wheel via the air pressure, so you don't beat the crap out of your actual wheel that is designed to work with pneumatic tires to do what it does....