Newcastle/Gateshead TSDZ2 manned help.


10 mW
Jan 10, 2023
Hello Everyone,

I'm officially losing my mind with the TSDZ2 flashing and so on. I'm trying to follow the GitHub, but I'm confused, and lost.

Ive bought 1 tsdz2 motor and 2 tsdz2b. The tsdz2 motor is flashed already, with a display, however it stopped working one day, and I need to learn how to diagnose the problem.
The 2 x tsdz2b motors are installed, but need flashed, and displays built.

I'm pretty certain I've bought everything I need to flash the motors, and build the displays. Both are installed on the bikes already(easy bit). I'm now struggling to even get started with the rest.

I need a person. And not a forum post. I've read FAAAR to much, and so much information that I'm sick of it. I cant even look at the github or this forum without getting insanely frustrated and demotivated.

Please don't mention SIG in Durham, the dude took me for a "frocking idiot" and screwed me over one already.

I'm using these for work doing deliveries. I really need the help as I'm currently running these motors stock, and they're being destroyed really quick.

Please someone be out there, in the North East, that can really help. Please.