Noslisu Tilting Cargo Trike


100 W
Nov 3, 2022
Recently I became transfixed with the idea of front loading tilting cargo trikes. I have need to fill a critical transportation issue in my life and this style of a cargo bike/trike will do it, at least I so believe. In my search for this style of machine I ran across the Noslisu Cargo Trike from Kawasaki. It was released this summer and is only available in Japan.
Suffice to say, I want one.
Screenshot 2023-09-15 213427.png
This thing is equipped with a 36v 180w rear geared hub motor, which is laughably underpowered IMHO. It appears that in Japan anything more powerful is subject to licensing. I would remotor it with a larger wattage direct drive motor and a 52v system. In my mind a DD motor with regen braking is the right motor for this style of trike. The front loading tilting cargo trikes heretofore that I found were all mid-drives, with slightly less ridiculous power and speed restrictions. I really wouldn't want to pay $10K for something that wasn't "fixable". It retails in Japan for $3k. Can't find it here, but I am in :love:.
Gmac would be the best, or the 27mm dd motor called 212 (or something) or the Leaf dd 35mm (1500w) has more mass for better cooling and get the right kv. Your rear dropouts look like mine, but using Grintech ta's on them is easy.
Look at the geometry seems not good,no king pin inclination, its lean angle less than my trike, no front absorbernoslisu tilt angle.jpg