Push / pull kart?


100 µW
Jul 19, 2021
I've got a quarter mile long gravel driveway and I want to spare my family from hauling the trash and recycle bins back and forth by hand every week. Does anyone know of an affordable electric kart that can be pushed or pulled, or even better ridden, to haul a couple large bins on a gravel driveway?

I'm imagining two axels, one of them driven, with 10" knobby tires, a metal platform that sits about 4" off the ground, and a simple control lever chest high that can be used to operate. The platform would need to be ideally about 30" x 60" and able to deal up to 180 pounds of weight, assuming no rider. Something like this but electric:


Here are the specs on the 45-gallon trash / recycle containers.


I did come across these, as one possible component in a solution:


Maybe there's a simple e-kart that has a standard 2-inch hitch receiver and can deal with 180 pounds of weight cantilevered off the hitch?
I think I found something close!


Unfortunately, this one gets a lot of negative reviews... only capable of 4 degree slope on flat surface, and only 1.5 mph in ideal conditions... just not enough power and speed for my application. 1/4 mile long, coarse gravel, 5-7 degree grades.

Hope to hear from someone with experience in this category!
Hillhater said:
Yes , but its designed for hauling 3600 lb !...so it should haul 3-400lb easy up your slope .
Switch the battery connections to 24v and you could have 3mph too ! :lol:

I like how you think lol! Definitely a torque beast... that may be my solution? Here's another one I found - having fun searching China.com rn lol


60v 60ah climbs 25 degrees (seriously!? lol) and goes about 20 mph... $580 and probably about $500 shipping... will have the trash down to the road fast as f

Hillhater said:
I was actually going to suggest it sounds like an ideal solution would be an used electric golf cart ! :bigthumb:

Yeah, that may also be a good one... I think you can get a hitch receiver on some of those too. And they are plentiful and cheap. *thumbsup*
I'm either going to go with this:


or this:


Not sure yet... but I decided that a dedicated trash hauler just doesn't make sense when there are plenty of other options for hauling them with attachment on lawn mower or golf cart.
Sorry to keep throwing ideas out there... there is one last concept I'm exploring as an altenrative to hauling behind a golf cart or riding mower... I'm curious what you all think:






The kit looks pretty excellent - super high torque and should get me up to 5mph. This cart comes with 16" tires. The wheelbarrow kit is with a 16" tire. So, I'm hoping I can simply attach the motor to one side and be pretty close to plug and play. Has anyone tried something like this? Will I need to do some welding? (ie to affix the wheel axle to the cart)
4republic said:
Not sure yet... but I decided that a dedicated trash hauler just doesn't make sense when there are plenty of other options for hauling them with attachment on lawn mower or golf cart.
Well certainly if you already have a mower or golf cart....
...And the most obvious is a small trailer, ...which will also be usable for many other tasks. :bigthumb:
I'm a big fan of a Carla Cargo front-drive trike cargo bike trailer / pull cart. It's like $5,000, but they do have open-source plans online. I think it's rated for like 200 kg (~400 lbs) payload, has a bed about right for some garbage cans, and in videos looks to do VERY well pulled by pedestrian or tracking nimbly behind a bike through the city or on farm roads.


I'm working on a 2000 lb payload version of their powered trike-cart with steering front fork layout. Mine will probably be powered on all 3 wheels, and I aim to do some fancier things with the pulling (or stopping/compression) forces on the tow arm controlling wheel acceleration / regenerative braking. Also, differential tow-arm and differential wheel RPM's controlling motor contributions for handling adjustments, esp at higher speeds.

My project is morphing rapidly at the moment, but some early ideas are at:


and Twitter @eMULE2020

I have some recent ideas for no-weld aluminum frames. I like the FlexiRide automotive trailer torsion rubber half-axles because they mount to the bottom side rail of almost any trailer bed (or to a cross-member strapped rail-to-rail on the bottom). If I can figure a way to adapt to bicycle-style hub-motor setups (or find bike-trailer-suitable automotive powered hub-wheels), then they could be an easy-to-DIY starting point to electrify all kinds of DIY cargo trailers for bikes, pull-carts, automotive ++

NEED HELP: How to convert the 1" automotive trailer wheel spindle standard with FlexiRide axle/suspension, to a 20mm spindle and disc brake assembly suitable for use with Grin Tech all-axle hub motor. Or: have you seen a lightweight automotive trailer wheel 12-20", fitted with wheel hub motor, that could motor to ~35 mph under substantial load (2-3k pounds on flats and moderate hills). I've seen Grin's wheel-barrow motor wheel (slow, fat, heavy), and some other carts that all seem more designed for fat low pressure tires good for soft dirt/gravel.