Water-proof-ness of a Magic Pie 5 Vector Rear hub motor

Apr 4, 2021
Hey Gang,

I recently did some awesome wet and muddy off-roading on my E-bike and after all the fun, I became concerned with water ingress into the hub motor/controller. For the record, everything was and still is working fine. I plan on doing a bit of an overhaul to clean the bike and the motor.

I THINK there might be an O-ring on the shaft to prevent water from coming into the controller area?

And from some images I have seen, there is no gasket between the controller heatsink and the hub. Not sure if Alum to Alum mate is the best seal, maybe it needs some Hondabond or other RTV sealant.

Question: Does anybody have any tear-down info and the controller housing? Anybody have any experience improving the water resistance of this controller?

Bonus pic of me and my kid:
Yep, and that was some nasty water.

I suppose I'll just have to crack it open and take a look and make sure its nice an water-proof. I would probably just rtv the cover and wires and maybe leave a tiny hole at the bottom for drainage. So it wont be IP67 but hopefully good enough for more fun in the sun (and rain).

Pictures to come if/when i get around to it.