Lipo noob thread links.

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Lipo noob thread links.

Post by dogman dan » Jul 18 2010 10:57am

Seems like there are lots of guys busting into lipo, or thinking about it.

Post links to threads that answer some of the noob questions here. I'll keep it on page one or two for awhile.

Start with this thread, which is already sticky at the top of the battery page. ... =14&t=9170

Then go to this thread, and use the link to this really really good paper on the lipo experience, and lots of the gadgets that are usefull. ... 14&t=23551

Here is a thread with some definitions of the jargon. ... 14&t=26514

Lipo noob shopping list. ... 14&t=18509

Basic setup for charging with an i charger, how to hook up power supply etc. ... 09#p523709

8 guage wire conversion to andersons. ... 14&t=19058

Review of lipo from Hobby Partz. USA shipped. ... 14&t=18901

Another lipo shopping list. ... 14&t=18877

Discussing the long 10s packs. ... 14&t=18805

What Chargers to buy? ... 14&t=18389

Noob questions from dogman. ... 14&t=18294

Paralell then series connecting lipo. ... 14&t=18172

Show off lipo setup. ... 14&t=17970

Discussing Imax b6 quattro charger. ... 14&t=15316

Dogman style pack wiring for paralell then series connetion. ... 64#p311264

REALLY GOOD VIDEO ON ANDERSONS, and how to crimp em. Great work Ypedal! ... r_embedded#!

14s lipo charger thread. 14 cells in series is perfect for 48v bikes. ... 27#p351227

Good charger setup for the lipo noob. ... 14&t=25005

Good place to buy chargers, from USA vendor and decent prices. ... h9lp913q46

12s 10 ah shopping list. ... 14&t=25603

Another no solder pack paralelling method. ... 14&t=25627
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Re: Lipo noob thread links.

Post by oldpiper » Nov 12 2010 10:14am

Do you have enough pull with the admins to make this into a sticky? I'd hate for it to one day fall completely off the charts. Even though I'm low-tech now with SLAs and all, there's always bike #2 and #3 and #4 (at least wife and 2 kids, anyway, then we can go back to the beginning of the list - me! :mrgreen: )

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Re: Lipo noob thread links.

Post by neptronix » Nov 12 2010 3:42pm

^--- what he said.
Searching endless sphere can be a nightmare. We need more sticky threads here. Lest we answer LiPo questions every day.
And preferably, ones written for the layman and not the electrical engineer.
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Re: Lipo noob thread links.

Post by deVries » Nov 13 2010 4:53pm

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Re: Lipo noob thread links.

Post by LI-ghtcycle » Feb 04 2011 12:40am

I'm a LiPo Newb, and I want to add this to the list for any that are concerned about the "short life" of LiPo. 8)

Charging LiPo for the most charge cycles: ... 00#p359600
Thank you Justin_Le for your selfless act of kindness! We all are in your debt.
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Puffy LiPo links.

Post by spinningmagnets » Feb 19 2011 2:14pm

If your LiPo pack is discharged too deeply or overcharged (of course by accident!) one or more of the cells will generate gas inside one or more pouches. Don't throw them away. With the proper safety precautions, the gas can be removed, or, other pouches can be swapped in to replace the bad one.


"How to puff a LiPo" ... 14&t=21538

"Got me a puffy" ... 14&t=19902

"De-Puffing Turnigy LiPo cells" (with video) ... 14&t=22650


"LIPO open heart surgery (worked, but be careful)" ... 14&t=18303

"Replacing a single cell from the middle of a Lipo pack" ... 14&t=24132

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Re: Lipo noob thread links.

Post by spinningmagnets » Jun 22 2011 10:30am

Ypedal's LiPo pack build, complete fron start to finish, with lots of pics:

Ypedals initial LiPo info

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Re: Lipo noob thread links.

Post by MrSweden » Jun 20 2014 6:05pm

A little bit OT, but for searching ES just use google instead of the built in search here. Go to google, and type in "Searchterm". That will only show results from ES, for the word "searchterm". You get the point, epic way of searching the internet.


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