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      Mugenski replied to the thread VESC STR-500 100V 500A Launched.
      Interested in this controller as well. It's a little light on the voltage for my application but it seems very well thought out. This or...
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      Mugenski reacted to tjgaryiv60's post in the thread How to connect ignition wire? with Like Like.
      I know this is a old post but I am in the same situation now about how to connect the ignition wire. I have a chinese minimal...
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      Mugenski reacted to amberwolf's post in the thread Suzuki DR650 40kW mid conversion with Like Like.
      My Anderson SB50s (and 45s) under the SB Cruiser trike have been soaked from splash (many times) and directly submerged in flash flood...
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      Mugenski replied to the thread Yamaha YZ250F.
      After seeing the somewhat poor craftsmanship on it's exterior I'm not so sure I would be happy seeing it's internals for the price he's...
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      I figured it's time for another update (Let me be honest - I have hidden a question in here for the more experienced...) The cell count...
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      Hackey said improvements of some kind. Specifically I had asked about buying stateside from alienrides. Perhaps he just wants all the...
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      As the more seasoned builders know analysis paralysis is a real time killer. That said the bike hasn't stalled out as much has been...
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      Any updates on this project or is it dead dead? I have a tig setup that's appropriate for micropulse use but I'm not sure if this will...
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      Mugenski replied to the thread Suzuki RMZ 250 EV Restomod.
      Gosh that factor phase wire crimp doesnt have me holding high hopes for whatever is going on inside my qs180... They lathered the end...
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      Mugenski replied to the thread wr250f conversion.
      The goal for the bushpig is to be a legally converted runaround bike. No offroad beyond graveI/fire roads. I would like the bike to be...
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      I was likely thinking in hp when I wrote 80kW. I started by speccing the battery to be capable of twice the ICE output figuring whatever...
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