2 batteries (36-48v/12.8ah) and a pair of wheels from a 2017 Epik SE E-Joe


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Jul 29, 2021
Hi there,

I would like to sell off / unload some items from an E-bike that I previously owned. It was an E-Joe Epik SE.

Here is a link to a very similar model reviewed on Electric Bike Review:

Generally, it was a wonderful bike, but the frame, haha, turns out was not quite strong enough for me, and after a couple of years, broke. I tried to get it fixed, and that didn't work out, and the repair shop guy kind of bungled it, and I lost the frame, controller, and other parts of the bike. Kind of a sorry saga.

ANYWAY, I am left with the wheels, two batteries, and two chargers. And would very much love to find them a new home.
I suppose it would be most useful to someone who owns a similar bike, but perhaps to other folks who can repurpose these items.

The batteries, as I understand, can work with either a 36v or 48v controller. (At least that's what I believe I was told by the original seller.)

I'm selling it on Ebay for $900, but honestly, would be very happy to let it go for $850, including shipping within the continental US. I am located in NYC, and would be happy to offer local pickup, and would then take off $50.

Also, I would be willing to negotiate selling parts of the lot, rather than the whole.

I don't think, at this time, that I want to sell internationally.

Apologies, if any information is missing. Would be happy to provide further details, as much as I can.

Many thanks!!


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