3 prong conectors safe for motor phase wires

Oct 29, 2023
Sorry if this is the wrong spot to post this as this is my first post on this forum and also apologize for poor grammer/ spelling and lack of understanding of things

im am in the process of building a vsett10 + scooter and plan to use a spintend 75200 ubox for dual motors and am going to be building a 20s8p so 72 volt 35amp battery using molicel p45b batteries copoer nickle sandwhich methoth

i am going to have to mount my controller externally and want to be able to have hub motor quick disconects i have been looking at 3 prong type water proof mil conectors or even found something called like a 3 pin dt conector that are water proof pure copper with 12awg pig tails

i am planning to try and bump my awg to the same as the 75200 which has 12awg for the motor phase wires i plan on running probably 50 amps but mabey higher from the controller and basically though i am concerned the connectors will eaither A melt or if they will be a limiting factor instead of using bullet connectors as most these connectors i find are only raited to 50 amps or less does any one have any recomendation or can possibly help me get better understanding of what i need
I seen a post on this similar but felt it didnt fully awnser my questions

I don't exactly like the size and design of the pins in that DT connector. I would go with MT60s and if you want to improve the waterproofness just silicone the back covers, put some waterproof grease around the sleeve area and then even wrap it in some waterproofing cable tape if you really want it to be sealed up. I've had good luck with the "3M Scotch Linerless Electrical Splicing Tape" for waterproofing bullet connectors for this application.
Okay so battery connectors basically great i was looking at thoughs to as it made seince in my head that if their strong enough for a battery connection they will probably be good enough for motor phase wire connections these were the ones i was thinking as the have a pig tail eaiser to just have that i feel like i guess the hard part will be getting that big of wire to fit down in the hub motor



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I wouldn’t go to extreme lengths to achieve a 50A wiring run if your peak phase current is going to be 50A. You’ll be alright sizing it for average current i.e. account for the duty cycle that phase wiring operates on
im am in the process of building a vsett10 + scooter and plan to use a spintend 75200 ubox for dual motors and am going to be building a 20s8p so 72 volt 35amp battery using molicel p45b batteries copoer nickle sandwhich methoth

How much current is that controller capable of each, for battery, and for motor phase? Phase current is usually around 1.5x or more the battery current under loads.

Some controllers are programmable; if yours is you can turn down the controller's battery current to match the battery's limitations.

If you are going to use 50A battery side you'll need a much more capable battery than just 35A. It must be capable of at least 50A, or more.

If you're going to use 50A motor side intermittently, 12g is probably fine, but if you're going to do that continuously, or more than 50A, you'll probably want bigger than 12g wire, and connectors to match, depending on conditions.

If the individual phase wires (and battery wires) are in open air with no jacket / sleeve around the individual wires (just the insulation on each wire like usual), or they are run like that up against the metal frame of the scooter, it will run cooler at a smaller size than if it is inside a sleeve or jacket like most cables are made.

Depending on the size restrictions you have, there are numerous connectors that will work for that kind of current for both battery and motor, such as the Anderson SB-series, which starts with the SB50 that uses 75A+ contacts (or the PP75 that uses the same ones). Some of the hobby "bullet" connectors can also handle this current, but all of those I know of are solder-cup types, and may not work as well as crimp-style connectors like the andersons to secure the wire into them, and would have a bit higher connection resistance from the solder vs the crimp.

Andersons have various waterproofing/etc solutions if you require that, but depending on your conditions you may only need to pack them with dielectric greas before connecting them.
Its a spintend dual v2 ubox 100volt 200 amp vesc programable controller i should be able to run 50 amps or more no problem i see people run higher like 100amps my scooter stock is 30/35 amp with boost mode and a 28ah battery not sure what the cells are rated at but not high the battery im building is molicel p45b 20s 8p i think the batteries them selves are 45 amp batteries and are 4500mah thats why i said building a 35 ah battery this set up should be able to do what im asking no problem from what ive read ive seen simular builds running way more amps at the controller with lesser batteries my stock is 30amp controller and 35 on sport mode boost i dont really under stand this stuff that much learning as i go but i know i shouldnt have a problem because im seeing others do it on simular build and upgrading motor phase wires to 12 awg because thats about as big as i can fit

Thsnk you for the advice on connectors and redponding didnt understand it all but trying and eventually will