A123 Chevy Spark modules


100 mW
Nov 21, 2017
Is there any interest in modules like these?
I may have an option to get many more, but 26S3P.
Price around $1000USD plus shipping. Continental USA only, freight forwarder option available at your own expense.
They would be modules never used in any vehicle before, will try to provide serial numbers of modules if that helps.


2014 Chevy Spark battery module. 1 of 4 in the pack. No BMS attached.
Made by A123. NOT AFFECTED LIKE FISKER KARMA!! Different production line that did not have problems.
All cells in module balanced. Reading between 3.295V - 3.296V.
Positive and negative terminals on opposite ends of the battery. Seen in one picture, 2 Torx screws in it.
3 Month warranty.
Nano phosphate Battery technology.
Very different from regular batteries. Please do some research about these batteries before buying. Specifically the charge and discharge characteristics as well as voltage limits.

Battery Specs
Rated Capacity: 58.8Ah
Rated Energy: 5.43kWh
Max Voltage: 102.2V
Rated Voltage: 92.4V
Min Voltage: 78.4V

Cell Voltage range
Max Voltage: 3.65V
Nominal Voltage: 3.2V
Min Voltage: 2.8V

Module weight: 105lb
Module Size:
Length: 28.5 inches
Width: 6.5 inches
Height: 9.75 inches
Size does not count mounting ears. Ears stick out 2 inches on one module, and 1 inch up on a second module.
2 modules have ears sticking out the side or top, other two do not. Let me know if you need it without mounting ears, otherwise you will receive one with ears.

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What are the physical dimensions of one cell?

I see that it is 26S, does it look like it would be difficult to split the pack into two 13S / 48V packs?
Super difficult. Tabs cells are laser welded and glued as 1 big pack. Best thing u can do is cut the tabs on top and rivit to them....but very sketchy...

I have taken these apart down to individual cells.... Very difficult to disassemble and next to impossible to re attach
Im afraid I have never tore this down to the cells. As described by Eric, it is laser welded and built like a brick.
The 4 modules I have at the moment are 28s, and they are in Kansas City. Not terribly far if you wanted to see them for yourself.
The 26s modules are something I might get my hands on.