Best Value for Money Battery Tab Spot Welder on the Market!!


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Feb 21, 2011
Vancouver, BC
The ONLY affordable battery spot welder that kicks major arse... It's the best value for money on the market (around 200 euros for the assembled kit) - yet, it performs like a 2500 dollar machine!! Don't waste your money on the cheap Chinese stuff that leaves you guessing about the reliability of your welds... This machine gives you Lithium Ion tab welds that you can trust EVERY TIME!! Just sharing my personal experience with the community!! I opted to make my own probes using Sunkko electrodes (not the hand ones). I can show you how to do that as well. Just doing my part to see the DIY community flourish!!
thats the kweld portable welder, there is a thread here on it, its a good one. I got the malectric one which cost 100 euros thats also a good one.
The portable ones running off batteries seem to be more reliable then the plug-in ones which on reviews require a powerful wall socket or they blow circuit breakers.
I second the Kweld. Have had mine for a month and results are excellent and consistent.

Kweld thread:
Hey thanks guys for pointing me to the Kweld thread! Its great to know that the word is spreading - thanks to the magic of ES! ;0)... Out of curiosity, I also plan to read up on that Malectric you mentioned. :bigthumb: