EVT 4000e in Vancouver area

Jul 29, 2020
Hey, I recently got an EVT 4000e, it's a 2006, I know it's been sitting, covered since the last insurance on it expired in 2010. The problem I have is that the batteries and battery case are missing, and I don't know the wiring harness well enough to hook up batteries and test the system. does anyone have a wiring diagram from the batteries to the anderson plugs? or does anyone in the vancouver area have either the parts to sell, or a few minutes of time to drop by and show me what goes where?
edit,... even photos of how everything is hooked up, or photos of the battery cases would be helpful,.. thanks in advance
G'day Hostile.
Maybe I can help.
I'm guessings your EVT 4000E is like these 2 I have lying around.
Under the seat, there's a storage tub.
Remove the tub and there's the battery compartment.
Battery compartment.jpg
There's no battery box as such. The original 4 50Ah SLAs sit in there with tie down straps, like this in my 168.
168 batts.jpg
I've added foam pads between each battery.
If you remove the storage tub you can fit in a 5th battery for 60V. Apparently the motor, controller & DC to DC converter can take it. There's a thread somewhere on ES about it.
The batteries plug in to the four Anderson plugs, seen here from the right hand side of the scooter.
I scrawled a wiring diagram for you, hope it makes sense.
Wiring diagram.jpg
And the charge socket
Charge skt.jpg
Pin 1 on the charge socket is positive, pin 5 negative.The original EVT charger is really 4x12 volt chargers and charged each battery separately. Batt 1 is pin 1 +, pin 2 -. Batt 2 is pin 2 +, pin 3 - and so on.
Keep us updated on how you get on mate.

Oh my god, thank you for the photos Aussierider. Yes, my EVT is exactly like the 2 you have in the first photo. I jury rigged the battery pack from a gio italia to the EVT today, and amazingly after 10 years of sitting, it all works. Next step is to buy batteries and anderson plugs and wire it up properly,... as soon as I figure out how to put pics up here, I'll post some.
IT WORKS! $400+ later,... new batteries, 10gauge wire, crimp connectors, crimp ring terminals, heat shrink tubing, and 4 anderson plugs salvaged from an electric pallet jack,....20200805_163758.jpg ,... Now I just have to get my license again,... haven't had one of those since 2002 :)
I am going to put some padding/packing around the batteries and install some tie down straps to hold everything in place,... I'm just extremely excited to have a working bike with so little investment.
Well done mate!
Glad to see you sussed out how to insert pics.
Those batteries look to be around 18 - 21 Ah SLA to me. If they are, expect less than 10 km range. EVT 4000E & 168 originally came with 50 Ah SLA for a range of about 30 km. I've put 40 Ah LiFepo batts in my 168 & get up to 70 km on the flat in eco mode, 50 km typical. Straight drop in replacement & even uses the original SLA 4x12 V charger. Not all good though. They cost a LOT more than $400 & the BMS shuts down if it draws more than 80 A so I can't accelerate very hard or climb steep hills in power mode. Still fun though.

yup, 20ah,... One of my house mates suggested running a second set of 4, in paralel to get more range at the same voltage, due to the amount of empty space left in the space under the seat,.... not sure if it's a good idea, but it would make for more range...
Running your scooter on two sets of batteries isn't a problem. For several years now, I have been using two 48V 30Ah LiFePO4 batteries coupled in parallel on my 4000e, without problems.
I have the Evt 4000e but need batteries the 50s are so expensive , anyone have any idea what sort or range I would get 30ah. Or a cheap battery place that sells the 50’s
G'day Berniedowns55
If you're sticking with SLA you could look at 44Ah deep cycle. Keep in mind though that smaller batts will not only reduce your range but sag more, reducing performance. I got a 40Ah lithium batt with charger on line for just under AUD $1,000. Even with a 60km/h controller there's no sag.