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Help with adapter 41mm Press-Fit to 33,5 mm (Bafang BBSHD)


10 mW
Aug 15, 2022
I am looking for the best adapter for my 41mm Press-Fit BB to mount a Bafang BBSHD. The length of the BB is 92 mm. And the length of the Bafang it is 100 mm.

I have found two types of adapters:

View attachment BB92-adapter-bush.webp


What do you recommended guys?

I used second on my 2012 trance.. worked good after cutting adapter in shorter secctions. Glued in with epoxy. It never moved in4 years.
Thank you very much!
How did you glue it? I have tried to find pics on Google but can't see it.
I didnt understand at first. You mean the adapter inside the frame.

Thank you very much!
I used these Lekkie adapters on my last bike.

Cheap and worked great.

Lekkie 41mm Press-Fit Cup - Lekkie
View attachment 342406
Thanks for the reply!

I think I am going to buy this option. It is available on Amazon in my country for 25 euros (the 2 units). The other option I like more, but it is 70 + 20 shipping cost.

I am going to think about it this weekend but if you are happy with it... It is fine for me.

By the way, in what bike did you use it?