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How ES is going to handle the Russia-Ukraine thing.

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Jun 15, 2010
Utah, USA
Hey all.
We are an international forum, with some Russian and Ukranian members who have called ES their e-home for a number of years.

There is a trend of 'cords being cut' between the west and Russia right now. And the situation is getting worse. Sites like facebook have even gone on to OK hate-speech against Russians, writing in an exception to their rules. So now, hating someone for the soil they stand on is okay on a large part of the internet.

Who knows how much worse this will get. Governments, media, and large corporations across the globe are involved in, essentially, financial and social warfare.

I expect some conflict to eventually drizzle into here, and affect us. This message is to pre-empt some future problems.

I want to remind you that Endless Sphere IS an international community united by the love of the DIY EV.
We have 0 interest in breaking this bond with our Russian users, punishing them for the actions of their government.

There's a theoretical possibility that our hosting provider, Amazon Web Services, may interrupt service to users in Russia/Belarus/etc in the future.
If you are in a war-affected area and are cut off from us, please send the appropriate smoke signals to me ( through VPN? ), and i will see what i can do to restore connectivity, up to and including switching hosting providers permanently.

Also, we will not give an 'OK stamp' to hate on the basis of someone's nationality here.

If someone is getting under your skin on the basis that you live in a 'side' of the conflict, please report it or let me know personally. On these kinds of issues right now, we really want to stamp out the flame war early, and it would be horrible to lose valuable members of the community over things like this.

I'm serious about that. Let me know.

Thank you for this. :thumb: Big agree :thumb:

Great values to try to stay neutral.

Should be obvious that there are valuable talents among the ES forum members that happen to live on all sides of this current conflagration. Well worth it to keep all engaged and sharing ideas on the forum.

Admittedly it can be hard to keep (international) politics out of the forum but we must try.
Its always good to be agnostic in forums, and keep politics/religion out of it.

There have been Russian members (Adaptto controllers?). In general I have had pleasant exchanges with Russian people, but I stay away from anything to do with their government.

So far, I have become very pro-Ukraine...
So people will come out of the wood work asking for money, its already been posted actually with a one poster.
Indeed, our forum thrives on knowledge on how to get off gas and oil - the number one source of conflict since the industrial revolution.
I'm gonna lock this one until there's something relevant on the topic, but i'm happy to hear the support. :es: :thumb:
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