Hyperion EOS 1420i NET3 14s Balance Charger...

Hey Guys. I'm looking for some advice about my charger.

Today I left the charge-leads and balance-leads to my 10S pack connected to my Hyperion 1420i Charger, while disconnecting the input to the charger.

Very stupid.
Also the manual states that this is not a good thing.

Looks like the charger on itself is not affected by this mistake.
Unfortunately the (UART via USB) connection to my computer does not work as it should anymore.
It looks like it's constantly reconnecting. Sometimes I get some data, but most of the time it hangs.
Before this mistake it worked flawlessly.

Can anyone point me in the right direction, as to what could be defective in the charger?
Did anyone make the same mistake, and were you successful in repairing it?
Curious to see if any one is still monitoring this thread. Y'all seem like a friendly bunch. Please forgive me for not being able to search through the whole thread to see if a response maybe have already been given. Hoping one of you fine gents can just answer this for me. I have 3 6s lipos (22.2v) at 5000 ah. Can I charge all three at once with just one balancer.If not can i eliminate the balancer and use a different charging method ie pb or some other setting that doesn't require the balancer. I have two 12 v supplies running this unit. It has become quite a pita to charge these packs separately. Thanks so much and sorry for necroing an old thread
yes as long as the batteries are the same voltage when connected together. You need to make some sort of 3 way connecter to parallel all the batteries and connect all the balance connecters together.

They also sell a parallel balancing board (about 10 dollars) that you can use. Once all the batteries are connected together the charger sees one big battery and charges appropriately and keep it in balance.

balance board.jpg
can anyone tell me what "output voltage too low" means? im trying to charge toasted 25rcells that got discharged flat. is that its nice little way of telling me they are trash?
can anyone tell me what "output voltage too low" means? im trying to charge toasted 25r cells that got discharged flat. is that its nice little way of telling me they are trash?

also, while i was charging 2x 1s 60p blocks, i piggied another 10p block on with aligator clips. all seemed normal for a while i went downstairs to wach a movie :)
came back to notice the aligator clip leads were burned through.

looks like got hot and shorted where they overlapped..
why the hell would so much current go to the 10p block all of a sudden, maybe they have internal short??
i think their voltages were similar to start, but after, the 10p was drained to 1.8v??
just an update: i discovered by accident that i can charge the necropacks in "store mode" until they reach 3.6v or so, then using normal charging for the rest...now i have to find out how to enter store mode, as i found it by accident when pressing the buttons.. :)
I bought a used Hyperion 14S charger last week, I've never had a hyperion charger before, but I'm testing out charging a 7S battery with a 12V 900W power supply at 5 amps. Every minute or so the charger will drop to 0.00 amps for a few seconds and then go right back to 5 amps. Its doing it through the whole cycle. I tried reducing the amps to 4 amps and it still does it. I have a 24V power supply that I need to hook up and try, but I figured it could handle 125W with charging that battery like that. Anyone ever had this issue? Or know how to fix it? Thanks, Could the mosfets be wore out?
I read that this operation is normal for the charger to do this. I am a little worried about the cells going from 0 to 5 amps 100 times for only 1 charge lol.....

From the manual:
" Why do I see “0” current flowing during charge at regular intervals? Is it a “Pulse” charger?
No, the charger simply pauses charging at intervals in order to make extremely accurate readings of cell/pack condition"
Yes that's normal behavior and after dropping to 0 Amps, it slowly goes to 5 Amps again in a few seconds. Because of that I don't think the battery will suffer in any way, but there could be other theories.

Very interesting thread. At this time, several year later, came to my table broken hyperion due to human errors.

Later on, I will post some aspects of this powerful charger.

I think it's been off the market for at least 10 years.
They are easy to get off eBay for cheap 🥳

A lot of RC chargers claim to be balance chargers, but it's not actually the case where they are charging individual cells/p-groups unfortunately. A lot of them are the same bog standard setup our ebike BMS' have with bulk charging and just balancing through switched resistors on each cell to drain any cell that's ahead of the rest.
I bought two of those I gave one away to someone to fix here on ES and I still have one up in the rafters I think you could take up to 27 volts as a power supply but that's just for memory it might say it right on the charger itself.
This might be the charger that shuts down checks all the balances bleeds at high one then turns back on again.
All these balance chargers 12s and 14s were sold a long time ago for around a hundred so dollars but they seem to only last so many years ???

Well, as I said.

There is an opportunity to repair this RC charger.
Always is cheaper than trying to get a brand new one.

10 years later , this charger are still working, of course, if you tread it nicely.

At this time, I am working on this error
"output battery connect error".

Problem related to mosfet, lm324 or bad traces...