its about time i shared with you! e-bikes and e-skateboard


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Mar 28, 2010
hello endless sphere!

i want to thank you for all the good reading here. i have learned soooo much from you all. ES is a wealth of knowledge. so its about time i shared a few of my projects.

it looks like i started the RC bike 9 years ago....... according to my ES posts. wow..... i finally got around to finishing it last summer. its crazy fun. turnigy motor. castle esc. 12s 8ah battery. set up for 150a continuous., its very fast out of the hole,.

another bike was cut down from a chineese baja scooter. i was hassled by the police years ago for riding it in scooter form without the pedals attached (they were in the trunk). so i cut it up and did this with it. you will notice the functional pedals attached. ha ha ha ha ha. my friend rode it all over town as his primary transportation this year. it did great! it has a 12s 17ah battery that i salvaged from the classified ads and fixed. the seat is a skateboard. all the metal frame is re-purposed from the original scooter. the only $$$ in the whole project was a $12 bms. its pretty fun.

the rat rod bike is a 1974 jet star from germany. only 1000 ever brought to canada. none in the states so i read. it has an ezee motor from grin and a 12s 16ah battery. battery and controller is all packed into the army box. i added disk brakes to it. had to machine and file the motor shaft etc to fit inbetween the original chainstays. this bike is my daily. i have 10,000 + KM on it in the last 4 years. work and back is a 40km commute that i do daily when weather permits... snows here all winter.

and then my latest project to get finished. my electric R5 skateboard.... i removed all my parts from the new enertion raptor board. i wanted something FAR more stable. so i threw together another R5 with the hollows sized for the batterys and other components. everything is hidden inside the deck and sealed up tight by the griptape. i made a custom battery for it from hobbyking cells. so it is 10s 5ah. focbox esc. dual motor drive. it will do 53kmph straight up our ski hill road. no problem. the rear truck does not steer on an R5. this is why it is so stable. no rear steering works soooooo well with rear drive boards. no wobbles at all. video is of my second day on it. i was still pretty cautious of it.

filming and music is my good friend Kevin Honeyman. song from his soon to be released new album!!! it was nice to have him help with this short video.

i designed the R5 way back long ago. so i still had all the molds and jigs to work with. custom pressed board ;)

ive done numerous other builds with friends and family. ill try to get some pics of other stuff for you in the future.

here is the youtube video link, i hope you enjoy! thank you again for all the knowledge!

Jody Willcock


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nice work love to see more

good tune too

imbed for ya