L-Faster / Dome Motor 450W Mid-Drive Build

You can tune out the deadband with resistors. The easiest way is to use potentiometers until you find a resistance that works. Lift the wheel off the ground and put a pot on the ground wire from the throttle. As you add resistance on the ground the closed throttle voltage will increase. Just beware that when you reach around 1.1-1.3v the controller will begin spinning the motor. Anyway, the goal is to get your resting throttle voltage just under what it takes to get the controller to move. If its the deadband once you are moving then that is a different animal.


I hadn't thought about your unique situation with no FW crank when I was talking about PAS. But on that note a lot of the torque sensing bottom brackets measure the left side crank input so it's conceivable that you could still get an intuitive torque sensing setup. I don't know if those toque sensors are direction specific though. If not that would act super weird.
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