Lowering my kick scooter by 2 inches.

Feb 8, 2007
New Smyrna Beach FL
Got 2 free kick scooters on trash day.
8" wheels but has a design defect. The factory took a 4" wheel scooter and put 8" wheels on it, without changing the axle center.
So the deck is 4" high instead of 2". so the kids didn't have much fun with it as it is harder to kick than it should be.
So i will be lowering one, and if it works like i expect, i will retire my 20 year old 4" scooter.
the other one i may use to move my heavy potted plants to get more sun. just planted okra, beets, cucumbers and tomatoes.
Found some 1.5" angle steel in my scrap pile. that will be my first test. will drop the rear of the deck from 4" above the road to
the front wheel will be raised by tilting the folding joint. might not work out, but easy to try.
the wheels have LED's that flash when they spin. :bigthumb:
it is a Chromewheels brand, sold on amazon for $79
test ride :bigthumb: installed the rear wheel.
put a pin in the front joint, just for a test at 2" deck off the road. NICE RIDE :cool: a luxury ride with 8" wheels, compared to my old scoot with 4" wheels.
BUT only 1/2" ground clearance at the front, so i'll be raising the front to 2.5" so there will be 1" ground clearance.
deck is 7" wide, can fit both feet :bigthumb: still have to hook up fender brake
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Comparison to the unmodified scoot.
has a raked handlebar, back several inches. Takes more angle to turn as the castor is increased like a chopper. More control on a tight u-turn. i like it :bigthumb: https://cimg7.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.co..._e51dfff6e39dfd4375815dd705322a20ed270887.png
With a lower deck there are 2 ways to kick. stand up straight and rotate ankle from heel to toes(not easy with a higher deck), or for more power squat a bit and kick hard.
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