Meridian Tricycle Axle Noise

Oct 16, 2020
Have reviewed many comments and found them to describe an axle alignment issue and no solution that is useful. So here is my take:

Unfortunately the Meridian tricycle rear carriage and axle were designed for a top speed of about 8 mph. A 26 inch wheel and 48 volt battery/motor can achieve 24 mph.

Over time the rear axle can chatter or squeak. The cause is either the bearing spacer tube in the axle housing between the bearings or the bearings themselves. Bearing replacement is likely necessary. All four of them.
Clicking noise indicates the bearing spacer tube is not tightened properly. The spacer tube is an important part of strong rear axle. It must be tight against both bearings and the double nuts tightened tightly. Just an adjustment of the double nuts on the axle might fix the problem.

Early style double nuts and the latest design:
New nut 01.JPG

An option could be to remove the spacer tubes when installing new bearings. There is a recess in the axle housing that holds the bearings nicely without the spacer, Do not over tighten. I've done this with success, it could be a problem because of horizontal pressure on the bearing races. If the bearing separator sleeve is not used, don’t over tighten the axle nut, strong snug finger tight.

A grinding and more steady noise indicates the bearings are shot. Bearings will die if the axle doesn’t line up perfectly with the bearings in both axle housings. Mostly the inner bearings. Just a little misalignment between the two housings will cause an unequal sort of lumpyness when rotating the axle. Even a little unevenness after bearing replacement is not good, the axle must really turn free in the bearings or they get beat up - terminal!

A solution to eliminate the alignment issue is to cut the axle into two parts. Drill small holes on each of the two axles for the inner bearing retaining sleeves and four double nut screws to get a good grip, losing a wheel could be a problem.

Cut axle and bearing retainer sleeve:
Bearing Seperator Sleeve.jpg
Note - The position of the jack chain axle gear looks different than with the original band brake because of an upgrade to a Shimano 3-speed.
My rear axel have a clunking noise it looks like the wheel barence are bad i need help with this i just assamble the bike but is not working properly
Is this on this model and brand of trike (Schwinn Meridian)? If not, then we'll need to move this to a separate thread for your specific problem as it's cause will probably not be related to the thread's topic.

If you post complete details of your system, and tell us what happened between the time it worked and the time it did not, and provide pictures of the problematic area of your system, it may help us help you.