MiniSpotA spot welder

Going back to the discussion of sandwich spot welding, I have tested this method to weld copper with the MiniA


0.05 sandwich test.jpg

The scraps at the left are the aftermath of the sandwich method. At the right is a direct spt weld on copper.
Direct is far superior with this machine. No need for the sandwich. 4-5ms on 3s is enough for 0.05 copper.

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It's amazing, and even more so that he left the plans up / AFAIK it's open sources hardware ! I had lots of fun trying to make mine. I just need foil and a bigger battery to test it with [emoji14]

I decided to make myself a challenge and shrink it down to 1cmx10cm with smd so I can machine a pen shaped heatsink... If I did it'll right I'll try to keep shrinking it (for science of course).

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what connector comes with the spot welder

rojitor mentioned he used this
but not sure if it was for the boss or mini

i was thinking about this one if it's xt60