Molicel P50 21700


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Jun 15, 2010
Utah, USA
5000mah will be nice for extra range, plus the fast charge capability. What's retail going to be though- 12 bucks each? Most of us will wait a few years... will be curious to see what else comes down the pike in the interim.

I recently bought (100) p42a's for a new pack, still near top of the line for now.
I will be glad to see the P50 hit the market.. As you said barncat; I won't be buying any for the first couple years but I'm hoping this drives down the price of current cells (such as the P45B).
Are these higher energy/power dense cells inherently more dangerous? I imagine insulation is getting thinner and dendrites cutting through more likely
I received a message that Vapcell already has the Molicel P50B in stock and can be ordered through their Alibaba store.

Samples are already on their way to me, if all goes well by mid-July I could have the first test results and start the standard cycle life test.