My new e-bike with 3d printed shit.


100 mW
Mar 9, 2017
This is my new e-bike, I have done 2 before, one with a 3000w lunacycle mid drive that was stolen from my garage, a 1000w geared rear hub one that got the wheel runing faster than the bike itself just before I hit the ground and have to bring the mess back home 10km on foot (aah... the good e-biker adventures).

And this last one, no fancy stuff this time, just your average 1500w rear hub, 48v 24ah, yeah.. I know that putting the battery there isn't the best option, but I got nowhere else to put it.

I wanted a e-bike capable of surviving the apocalypse, no disc brakes, air shock absorbers or modern crap that need too much maintenance and are prone to fail over time, for the negative part... the weight on the rear wheel cause a weird behaviour with the spring shock absorber, it seem it loves to spank my ass, hard... and the crappy china V-brake pads can't really handle the extra mass of the wheel, need to replace them soon.

Can you spot the 3d printed parts?

*Solution on the end!




The bike is a very old scott and one of the first that uses double suspension that I get for 50 bucks, give it a bit of love, paint it black (cuz its an apocalypse bike) and and put an extension for the handlebar and a new softy seat for that sweet spanks.

What can I say.. I'm happy with it, I hit 58km/h (36mph) on plain, battery bms is rated 40a, but the cells don't specify brand, probably generic ones, so I set up them at 33amp max for now, maybe I will up them to 35 but I don't really want to stress them much, cuz they may burn my balls if they decide to go allahu akbar mode on a middle of a hill.

All that, bike included cost me around 700 euros.

*3 3d printed parts under the battery with a strapping system that helds it straight without drilling of modding the frame, and a very crappy torque arm on the rear wheel that I will use as a template to make a better steel one in the future.