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Feb 3, 2010
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I have thought about starting a thread like this for some time. Now I have fodder to act…

NotW Rules:

  • Headline must make you laugh unexpectedly to qualify, either out loud, side-splitting, guffaws, infectious snickers… however you make enjoyable noise.
  • Mild smiles need not apply.
  • Post your qualifying headline, and add the first thing that popped into your head when you read it.

Here’s the first contribution.

Enjoy, KF
MSNBC Today - North Korean accordion students take on A-ha


Awesome! If only we had more cultural exchange, then maybe the differences wouldn't seem so far apart and we could all just get along peacefully and enjoy life. :wink:

Happy Sunday, KF
Ah, Koreans. Hard-working, kind, smart, but not famous for their food. The Japanese, Chinese, Thais, and Indians have them beat for days.

My next door neighbors are Korean. Great family.
Kingfish said:

  • It all depends on how you define "android".....


    and probably how you define "users" too..... :wink:
Quite timely with the relase of SW in 3D...

Management lessons to learn from 'Star Wars'
A case study in how not to run a Galactic Empire, or your team for that matter

Mistake III: Having no tolerance for failure
...Even beyond this one mistake, by adopting a management style of “failure leads to Force choking,” Vader developed an organizational culture that was destined to be weak. People would be afraid to offer feedback or suggestions, choosing instead to follow orders to the letter. This ensures that decisions are made at a very high level, and anyone under those levels will lack initiative or the ability to act on their local knowledge. What’s more, by punishing failure so harshly, the Empire provides an incentive for people within the organization to actually lead their superiors to failure. After all, the quickest way to promotion in the Empire is for your boss to make a mistake, so it’s in your own best interests to ensure that he does.

LMAO, KF :lol:
Probably half a decade ahead of the cloners. Looks more like an Asian Elephant to me.

It transpired that it was Photoshop, the director of the documentary (an Aussie I believe) from which the background is used, recognised the background footage and busted them.

(AP) In this Jan. 6, 2009 file photo, Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, R-Md. participates in a mock swearing...
Full Image

WASHINGTON (AP) - A Republican congressman from Maryland is in a hairy situation over a proposal to give tax breaks to Americans with mustaches.

The American Mustache Institute claimed Tuesday that Rep. Roscoe Bartlett had lent his support to the 'Stache Act, which calls for a tax deduction of up to $250 a year for facial hair grooming.

But Bartlett's office said he never supported the measure. Staffers said Wednesday that they only forwarded a copy of the proposal to the House Ways & Means Committee, without the congressman's knowledge, after receiving a media inquiry about it. That led the institute to believe Bartlett, who has long had a mustache, supported the measure.

"For the record: Roscoe is pro-stache, but he does not believe Americans should pay for people's personal grooming decisions," Bartlett's chief of staff, Deborah Burrell, said in a statement.
So far, no other representatives have supported the mustache proposal.

At least one of Bartlett's Republican primary opponents is criticizing him over the facial hair flap. The longtime incumbent faces several challengers in the 6th District, which was redrawn to include more Democratic voters.

The American Mustache Institute, meanwhile, issued a statement faulting Burrell for what it called a "shameful reversal."

"We are highly disappointed by their reversal based on the fact that the congressman's opponents in the race are jumping on the bandwagon to criticize him," chairman Aaron Perlut said. "They obviously don't understand what it is to be a mustached American."

The institute plans to send Burrell an autographed photo of Burt Reynolds as a goodwill gesture, Perlut said. My bold LOL! :lol:

State Delegate Kathy Azfali, who is challenging Bartlett in next month's primary, said the 'Stache Act situation was a sign that the 10-term incumbent had lost control of his staff and "is out of touch with voters."

Bartlett told WTOP-FM last fall that he grew his mustache in the 1950s as an affront to the clean-shaven.

"For someone who was kind of a nonconformist, it was kind of a symbol of rebellion," he said.
Bartlett supports the Movember campaign, which encourages men to grow mustaches in the month of November to raise money and awareness for men's health, specifically prostate cancer. The mustache institute has contributed to that campaign and other charities.

"I would encourage people who find out about the mustache institute's efforts to make tax-deductible charitable contributions toward the serious Movember philanthropy effort," said Lisa Wright, Bartlett's press secretary.

Wright said she forwarded the mustache institute's white paper on the 'Stache Act to the Ways & Means Committee because it's the committee's role to address media inquiries about tax policy.

"I looked at it, and I knew it was a joke," Wright said of the 'Stache Act.
This could only from NPR - LSD Gets Another Look As Alcoholism Treatment

NPR said:
The past studies randomly assigned patients to get a strong dose of LSD or something else (another drug, such as amphetamine, a low dose of LSD or nothing special). And the results provide evidence for a beneficial effect on abstinence from alcohol.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Dude, where can I sign up to volunteer? and like - can I play The Dead while I'm trippin'?


Steal your face, KF 8)
Kingfish said:
This could only from NPR - LSD Gets Another Look As Alcoholism Treatment

NPR said:
The past studies randomly assigned patients to get a strong dose of LSD or something else (another drug, such as amphetamine, a low dose of LSD or nothing special). And the results provide evidence for a beneficial effect on abstinence from alcohol.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Steal your face, KF 8)

Believe it or not, the very first to propose LSD as an alternative to drinking was Bill W. of A.A. fame. Yes, THAT Bill W. Somewhere around 22 years after he'd had his last drink, he became one of the subjects of Betty Eisner's experiments, at the urging of Gerald Heard he was using the prescription brand name version, Delysid, (The one that started it all) alongside Adolus Huxley, author of 'Brave New World' ("Soma Holiday," eh?) and of course 'The Doors of Perception.' (Can't leave THAT out, eh?) At the time it was actually believed that these people were SMARTER while using LSD.

Bill W. would continue to extoll on the virtues of LSD for alcoholics the remaining years of his life without ever taking a drink. (Although towards the end he took to demanding whiskey, which was never provided.) At the moment John F. Kennedy was shot, the dying Huxley was already shot full of LSD, still a prescription drug at that time; beginning the movement to keep the terminally ill in a "Psychotomimetic" (Mimicking Psychotic) state. (Although LSD is no longer considered psychotomimetic.)

LSD to cure alcoholism? I'm glad I'm not an alcoholic. You take LSD once, you're on it the rest of your life. You touch it and it's absorbed thru your skin. I'm actually glad that the REAL research has uniformly proven that LSD has NO beneficial effects on anyone, it's as much a humbug as Latrile, (Also known as Cyanide) Nessie of Loch Ness and the EV1. But that's never stopped people from pushing a placebo they see as a good time, eh? In California we have medical marijuana, you can buy it from anyone who lied to get a prescription. That's what they DO with a lot of their "Meds." The guy who wrote the "Medical Marijuana" ballot initiative was caught by a '60 Minutes' hidden camera saying the whole thing was just a stepping stong to legalizing it altogether, OF COURSE he realized it had no medical value. . . .

(Now THAT is WEIRD, eh?)
Uhhmmm no way LSD is a therapeutic drug for folks with an alcohol dependancy. Alcohol is bad, but acid is not something I would use to "wean off" booze. I would say that pot could absolutely do the trick though.

You might not want to drink after coming down from acid the next morning, but I guarantee you will have drink prior to another trip.

I could give up alcohol real easy though, if I could substitute pot. Alcohol does nothing for you, acid only helps a short while. Pot is the drug that keeps giving.

No way the feds will ever legalize it though. It gets people thinking. Makes 'em drop the rifles and also, makes people tough to bullshit.
Alcohol does nothing for you, acid only helps a short while. Pot is the drug that keeps giving.

I agree with all three of those points. But the idea is not that Acid is to be used to "wean" you off booze, the idea is that the psychedelic experience when done as part of an entheogenic experience casues internal motivation to stop drinking. It sounds flimsy (and it relation to LSD I doubt the experience is sufficient), but there is extremely promising and irrefutable evidence that psychedlics like Ibogaine do in fact work for addiction treatment. Ibogaine, however, is a completely different kettle of fish to LSD though. LSD has certainly never helped me quit drinking, had an awesome time doing it though, and is an experience I suggest everyone (who doesn't have pre-existing mental condition(s) should try. I feel sorry for people who have never tried LSD or Psylocibin in the same that I imagine people who have sky dived or dived must feel about those who haven;t, there is a whole side to existence that they are simply unaware of.

MDMA however, is a truly important drug in treatment and counselling, and it really should never have been banned. Unlike LSD (where some people react badly and have a bad time), there is simply no downside whatsoever to MDMA use, and it is a disgrace that it was ever banned. They have recently authorised a series of trials using MDMA for post traumatic stress disorder (most patients being returned vets). That study has been permitted because the evidence of its effectiveness is simply overwhelming and simply undeniable.

How can we take a drug like MDMA, which has no proven damaging effect on the brain (the only study that ever proposed to show such evidence, was later proven and admitted to be faked in order to get the government funding that had been provided to set out to prove the case), no one has ever died from (people have died from hypoxia, but saying that those people died of MDMA is like saying people who crash their car drunk died of drinking alcohol), and makes people feel EMPATHY for each other. How can society be so stupid?
Being in New Zealand the Goat should be lucky he got away with just a choking....

Headline is "Man loses keys: Tries to strangle goat" (from

A MAN flew into a rage and tried to strangle his family's pet goat during a cross-town rampage after he could not find his house keys, a New Zealand court heard.

Mathew Batt, 26, was sentenced yesterday to four months' community detention, 200 hours community work, 12 months supervision and he was also disqualified from driving for 15 months, the New Zealand Herald reported today.

Westport District Court heard that Batt became enraged at losing his house keys and started smashing windows at his home, as well as being loud and abusive.

He then went to his mother's house where he started strangling the family's pet goat and smashed its head against a wall, but it was apparently not seriously harmed. His sister was next in the firing line, he threw a glass at her and began punching her.

Batt's grandmother tried to subdue him by spraying him with oven cleaner but he continued smashing objects around the property.

He pleaded guilty in court to breaching the Medicines Act, three charges of threatening speech, and charges of animal cruelty, male assaults female and driving while suspended.

Read more at the New Zealand Herald.

Read more:
MSNBC today - Scientists say sex-starved flies drown their woes in alcohol
Male flies blown off by the ladies turn to drink; study may shed light on human alcoholism

(The flies) were put into a container with a female that had just mated. So she was really, really not interested in doing it again anytime soon. She would run away. She would kick the male. She would stick out her egg-laying organ to hold him at bay.

The male flies went through three hourlong sessions of this every day for four days, enough rejection to discourage them from trying any more.

After that experience, rejected flies were put in vials and given a choice of regular food or alcohol-laced food. They consistently went for the alcohol more than did the male flies that had just mated. In fact, they evidently got plastered.

Some rejected males were moved to a different environment, where groups of guys mingled with receptive females. After the guys had sex, their yen for alcohol declined.

The researchers also paired thousands of other male flies with dead virgin females, so that they didn’t experience rejection but didn’t have sex either. They still hit the sauce.

What’s going on here?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Answer: Scientists are sadists! And they're probably female scientists at that!

I am reminded of an old Far Side/Larson cartoon: Imagine two red-necked alligators with ball caps, one sitting in a recliner relaxing with his feet and tail propped up, hand on an ice-cold beer with a startled look in his eye! :shock: ...and the other at the kitchen table geeked out with thick glasses reading the newspaper. The caption below says “Alligator Horiscopes” with the geeked speaking says “OK, here’s yours: 'You will not mate this season, maybe next. Poaching figures big…'

O' the pain... <reaching for another pint> KF
NPR - Chinese Teen Sells Kidney For iPad And iPhone

An iPhone and iPad were worth more to a Chinese teenager than his kidney, according to a report Friday from China's Xinhua news agency. Now five people in southern China face charges of illegal organ trading.

The 17-year-old, surnamed Wang, received about $3,500 for his kidney, which was removed and delivered to a recipient last April. Wang's mother grew suspicious when her son returned home with the costly new gadgets, and his confession soon followed. Xinhua says the teen is now suffering from "renal insufficiency" — a decreased level of kidney function — and that his condition is deteriorating.


Gosh, what's he going to do when the next version comes out?
lsd does give people the mental reset that gives them to courage to fight their addiction to alcohol, at the core. then such ignorant comments about lsd and marijuana. just totally stupid people who don't have a clue. neither one should be illegal, alcohol should be illegal. tobacco is a harder addiction to kick than cocaine. just totally stupid people.

i have noticed the guys who rent from me and never get laid seem to drink a bunch. the guys who do have ladies seem to act normal and only drink a little. just anecdotal but i think it has some truth to it.