Noise from rear hub after indtaling Kt controller


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Jan 18, 2024
Hello.. i have a problem with my bike.. i have changed the controller, screen pas sensor to a kt system.. but now my rear hub is very loud noise everything time pedal i engaged.. before it had no Sound ? Any idea what the problem could be ? It sounds like a grinding Sound ? All system is brand new except the rear hub motor
I've found that KT controllers follow the wire color schemes used by other major brands. I wouldn't expect that the motor wires are cross-wired, but a miswired motor that runs will be very noisy with low power. That is something to check.

If you think the wires are correct, it could be a bad controller. Over a dozen KT controllers installed, I had one that caused the motor to growl after an install. The bike ran, but made a growling noise, It was a bad controller fresh from the seller. Something wrong with the electronics. New controller needed.
Post a video on youtube and link it. If the bike can be ridden, I think it's probably the controller.

If both controllers used the 9 pin motor connector, then you can't miswire it.
If they used this kind, the white connector might have mismatched colors on either side.
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