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NYX ebike for sale


100 W
Mar 29, 2013
Hi, im an enthusiast from the online forum and thought I would post my NYX for sale. Its essentially brand new because the original MXUS motor died 3 days after I got it. I always thought I would fix it but I have 2 of them and never got around to it. The battery was old and died. Its got the best of the best, IMO. I have some QS motors that have been lightened as well. They have been nothched and the flux ring has been milled down. The bike has a belt set up on it that I was experimenting with but I didnt like it. I decided that the amount of tension you needed to put on the belt wasnt healthy for the Schlumpf drive. I would like to get $6500 for it. I can ship it. Thanks!
NYX frame
Carbon handle bars
Hope Tech V4 front brake master and caliper
Hope Tech V4 rear brake master and caliper
Stainless Steel brake lines
Hope Tech floating front rotor (extra thick)
Max-E Controller and BMS
Canfield magnesium pedals
Marzocchi 380 C2R2 Titanium front forks (oil bath)
Light bicycle carbon fiber front wheel
I have either Cromotor V3 or QS205 (I need to test them) with tubeless Michelin or dirt tire
Holmes hobbies 17" wheel with
Cane Creek Double Barrel fully adjustable 9.5" Oil bath rear shock with Titanium spring 300
Cane Creek Thudbuster seatpost
White Brothers rear sprocket
Light weight chain
Shlumpf High Speed crank
No battery


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What does that mean? Am I asking for too much? Im just looking for a fair deal. Please advise
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