Shimano auto gearshift Ebike.

The bicycle industry is always looking for ways to sell stuff to non-cyclists, by addressing the issues those folks bring up when questioned in focus groups.

The thing is, it's not really about shifting, complexity, comfort, or any of the other stuff they bring up as excuses for not riding bikes. They're just lazy and morally cowardly, and they live in dystopian suburbs where cycling is futile. So the industry spends a ton of money developing dumb bikes that non-cyclists still don't buy, because the bike is not the problem.
Decent hardtail with the ep8 motor and a 625wh battery can be got on around £3000 still expensive so diy'ers won't stop but for those with a couple a quid its a banging ride the pros train with them its a no brainer.

The bikes ride unbelievable clutched derailers etc come in on £1500 bikes sonthe extra grand or so it cost to go ebike ontop for a sweet riding 20kg bike that gets plenty of range for one arse sitting on a seat.