Solution for EV Global ebike 36V battery replacement


100 W
Mar 28, 2008
For some time now the stock 36V battery for the EV global ebike has been very difficult to find. There is a solution that is marketted commercially that uses 3x12V 12AH. However this requires
one of the 12AH to be placed outside the battery box. It also would not be removable as the original battery pack for indoor charging.
Here is a solution that I found through a friend in the LA area.

The solution will still fit into your current battery case and would retain the charging feature and protability of the original battery box.
Here is how to do it.

There are 2 ways:

1- buy 2 6V 7AH SLA. Dimensions are 5.91x1.35x3.71. Buy 2 12V 7AH SLA. Dimensions are 5.94x2.56x3.68
You put one 12V and one 6V side by side in two columns inside the existing box.
The box takes ~6x4x8 so it should fit the 4 batteries. Wire all of them in series and you get 36V at 7AH. That is 1AH less than the stock but it is with standard cells.

2- The second way is to buy 6 6V 7AH 5.91x1.35x3.71 and put them in a 3x2 configuration. This should also give you 36V and 7AH. Probably easier and better than option 1 because all the batteries will come from the same batch (most likely if bought together). They will match each other better. The con is that you have more wiring to do but that is not a big deal.

Hope this helps fellow 36V EV Global Ebike owners. Currently I am using a 24V but this opens the door for more possibilities for upgrades also.
Nice solution. Belive it or not some like the EVG Brigit Jones style, just the way it is. I loved mine with nicads, but 36v 8 ah won't fit.
Hey, gmouchawar did your charger have a Thermal Switch? I currently have 2 e-bikes and have manged to do the 6 batterry 36V 7ah solution and am enjoying one if the bikes. The thing is both of them have a non-IC charger and as per the manufacturers instructions these should have an "external thermal switch". Both chargers had such switch. The thing is while preparing the first set of batterries and palcing them into the charger the so called thermal switch somehow managed to touch one of the positive connectors on one of the batterries, even though I did it all with insulated connectors. It created a spark and one of the welded wires from the Thermal Switch got seperated. I tried welding but it lost a connector it had to weld the cable back to it. Have taken it to several places and have not been successfurl I imagine these are used to stop the flow of current from the charger to the batterries if it gets hot. Would the 36V solution work without the use of such switch? How much of a risk do you think it would be not to use it if the batterries charge? Any help or suggestions would be gladly appreciated.