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Thoughts on sram maven ?


100 W
Jan 7, 2017
Buffalo Newyork
So far they are the largest none motorcycle/ scooter brakes you can get on a ebike.
I am thinking theese and 203mm or larger rotors would be the go to for 35-40 mph ebikes and sur rons. I am currently using shimano deore quad piston calipers up front and think these would be a valid upgrade up front.

I don't care about force to pull I am on a electric moped more so than a mountain bike.
They are probably up to the task of slowing a heavy high speed bike. I feel like being larger overall they will deal with heat better than calipers using less material. The pads are also significantly larger than most.

Personally I will never forgive SRAM for the Juicy and Elixer brakes they made for so many years. After a perfect bleed they would get warm in the sun and lock up. I had this experience personally and all of my friends running SRAM brakes also had constant problems with them.

Its going to take years of positive reviews from lots of riders before I would ever trust Sram to make a quality brake.

Over the last couple of years I have heard lots of riders say the Hayes Dominion A4 brakes were the best brakes they have ever used. Might be worth a look.

I think when it comes to high speed stopping you want the largest rotors you can get and the most thermal mass possible. Those little radiator fins on the shimano pads seem like a good idea for heat shedding. Hopefully someone gets these new Mavens into the lab for some real dyno testing.