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*USED FOR SALE* Grin Technologies 52V eBike DIY Build


1 µW
Nov 28, 2022
Looking for around £2,500


I am selling my eBike, built only 3 months ago after a long summer project completing.
Top speed is 31mph, decent acceleration. This is at factory settings so field weakening and a higher amperage can push this faster.

Full info below also in PDF format attached.

BIKE – Trek Marlin 7 (2022) https://www.evanscycles.com/brand/trek/marlin-7-mountain-bike-916
• BRAKE CALIPERS - Magura MT5e Disc Brake. Both Front and Back are connected to Cycle Analyst to provide ebraking
• https://www.magura.com/en/components/bike/s-pedelec-brakes/productdetailpage/?p=2594
• BRAKE DISCS - Magura MDR-P Disc Brake Rotor - 6-Bolt - 180mm (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Magura-Bicycle-Diameter-6-Hole-Optimised/dp/B08PKVZM1V)
• PEDALS - Shimano GR500 Flat Pedals (https://www.wiggle.co.uk/shimano-gr500-flat-mtb-pedals-large)
• FRONT HUB - Hope Pro 4 Front Hub QR https://www.merlincycles.com/hope-pro-4-front-hub-quick-release-106601.html)
• HANDLEBAR - Ergotec City Cruiser Handlebars - 31.8mm Clamp – Black. This gives a Vanmoof feel to the bike
• (https://www.sjscycles.co.uk/handlebars/635-humpert-city-cruiser-handlebars-318mm-clamp-black/)
• HANDBAR GRIPS - Ergon GP1 Bioleder Handlebar Grips for Nexus Rohloff Black (https://www.deporvillage.net/ergon-gp1-bioleder-handlebar-grips-for-nexus-rohloff-black)
• SADDLE – Specialized Expedition Gel in Black (https://www.specialized.com/gb/en/expedition-gel/p/131517?color=220040-131517&searchText=27314-0510)
• SEATPOST SUSPENSION - SR SUNTOUR SP12-NCX Suspension, Black, Size 31.6 x 350 (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00BXPMJBY/ref=pe_27063361_487055811_TE_dp_1)
• FENDERS/MUDGUARDS - Portland Design Works 650 Beast Full Metal Fenders 65mm (https://www.condorcycles.com/products/portland-design-works-650-beast-full-metal-fenders?variant=37792865255574)
• KICKSTAND – PDW Power Stance Kickstand, Rear Mount 18mm (https://www.bikemonger.co.uk/pdw-power-stance-kickstand-18461-p.asp)
• WHEEL RIMS - DT Swiss H 522 - 27.5 Inch / 25mm Disc MTB Rim – black (stronger for eBike use) (https://www.bike24.com/p2224952.html)
• WHEEL TYRES - Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus HS498 Tyre with Reflex 27.5 x 2.00 Inch 50-584 (https://www.sjscycles.co.uk/tyres-large/schwalbe-marathon-eplus-hs498-tyre-with-reflex-275-x-200-inch-50584/)
• WHEEL TUBE - Schwalbe SV21 650B Inner Tubes - 27.5 x 1.5/2.4" (40/62-584), Presta Valve (https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07D6LJWPR/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1Schwalbe%20SV21%20650B%20Inner%20Tubes%20-%2027.5%20x%201.5/2.4%22%20(40/62-584),%20Presta%20Valve)
o Back - Sapim E-Strong spokes – BLACK (stronger for eBike rear hub) (https://www.sapim.be/spokes/butted/strong)
o Front – Sapim Leader spokes – black (also designed for eBikes)

EBIKE COMPONENTS – This is a top of the line kit from a Canadian company called Grin Technologies which designs and manufactures the best eBike components in the world. Do some research and you’ll agree with this.
• The motor is a RH212 Direct Drive motor which has been configured to provide motor assisted breaking (brake applies a reverse motor force) to increase braking performance and reduce brake wear.
• The 52V 20Ah battery uses high quality Samsung 35e cells that hold their charge very well.
• The kit also includes a Grin Satiator Charger which allows for Slow charging to greatly extend battery life.
• The controller is a recently released V5 Baserunner which cleverly integrates into the battery casing (no wires everywhere!).
• I have also integrated most of the wires through the frame so there are no running wires from back to front.
• There is also a Cycle Analyst V3 providing stats on Speed, trip distance etc.
• There is also an auxiliary/power switch on the handlebar for power on/off and other custom controls for the Cycle Analyst
• Front and Back lights are both connected to main battery and cable.
• There is also a front light control to easily control between on/off/low brightness/high brightness
• Two Grin V4 Torque arms are used for safety reasons.

RH212 Ready-to-Roll Kit - https://ebikes.ca/rh212-ready-to-roll-kit.html - RRP $2,302.00 (excl Shipping which was another $200.48) –

• MOTOR - RH212_Std Rear (injected with Statorade for increased cooling performance) (https://ebikes.ca/shop/electric-bicycle-parts/motors/rh212-std.html)
• BATTERY - 52V 20 Ah Downtube Battery with Samsung35e Cells, 40A BMS, 3 pin ST Charge Port. (https://ebikes.ca/shop/electric-bicycle-parts/batteries/52v-20ah-downtube-battery.html)
• BATTERY MOUNT - Grin Triple Bob Battery Mount (https://ebikes.ca/product-info/grin-products/battery-anchors.html)
• BATTERY CHARGER - Satiator Charger with ST3 Adapter Included (https://ebikes.ca/product-info/grin-products/cycle-satiator.html)
• CONTROLLER – V5 Baserunner_L10 Controller (https://ebikes.ca/shop/electric-bicycle-parts/controllers/baserunner-l10-motor-controller.html)
• V3 Cycle Analyst (https://ebikes.ca/shop/electric-bicycle-parts/cycle-analysts/ca3-wp-nosw.html)
• Grin TorqArm_V4 x2 (Left and Right) https://ebikes.ca/shop/electric-bicycle-parts/torque-arms/torqarm-v4.html
• Electric Bike Right Hand Half Twist Throttle Ebike Scooter (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272683511539). I only used the throttle from this.

I have added Pitlock Security skewers into the front wheel and also Hexlok security nuts to prevent any parts from being stolen whilst locked up. I recommend pairing this with a good D Lock such as Hiplok D1000 (not included). The rear wheel has two torque arms with a total of 6 hoseclamps which is a very good theft deterrent. I recommend locking up the back wheel through for extra security.
I also have a Pragmasis Protector 16mm Boron Steel Chain 2.5m length (w/ Noose) and Squire SS65CS lock Combo for an extra cost. The chain is used by the MoD so pretty serious metal – RRP £289.95

All of the above items will still be in warranty so I can forward receipts for safe keeping.
Please let me know if you would like photos of specific areas or have any queries 😊
Please also note if you would like to test ride the bike, you must bank transfer the amount beforehand, for obvious reasons!
Please no low-ball offers. I spent good time and money on getting this completed.

Collection in London (UK) & Bank transfer only.


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