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World Domination, I just got my self a 3d Printer!!!


100 kW
Oct 11, 2011
Brisbane > AUSTRALIA

So I decided to buy a Plastic 3d Printer, It uses either Pla Or abs Plastic, I ordered 2kg of pla plastic to start with.

Hopefully i can make electrical connectors, bike mounts for phones and cables and possible even lipo hard case and mounts, who knows, I have never used one of these things b4.
but i have a massive list of things i can make, my partner is pretty keen on it, she can make a fair few things.

I got the eVOLUTION Model, Can make anything up to 200mm x 200mm x200mm
paid $1400 inc shipping + insurance and 2kg of pla. all assembled tested and calibrated.

Who else has one of these type of machines ?
you can pretty much make anything you want,

I also ordered an extra fine print nozzle, standard i think is .4mm i also am getting the .2mm for extra fine looking work.
The .2mm builds will take longer to build


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pla plastic is pretty strong for the things im going to build.

I will be interested in trying to use ABS plastic to


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The first thing I would make would be a case for my bms that fit tightly over the top of my battery pack. Channels for balance leads would go to the edges of the pack to totally enclose the bms-pack connections.
im gonna make a replacement housing for my cycle analyst, but i can add in other displays/screens + switches..
I pretty much want to make a plastic dashboard for my bicycle...

I can paint it in uv stabilized resin after to protect it a bit better
I just recently made a line timmer with a rc motor,

Im going to try and make the entire whipper snipper out of plastic and wood. '
i can make a reasonably thick motor mount, like 20 mm,
Sure would be interested in pictures of any of your creations. Also why you picked the make and model that you did. Congrats on the addition to your lab, and best of luck with it!
Second post after my joke Nechaus, this is totally cool. My personal belief is that 3D printers will be the torrent client equivalent of the next decade.

You are a pioneer sir, and I tip my hat to you.

I intend to watch your thread intently, learn from your mistakes, then wait for the technology to get cheaper. But it is early adopters like you who help the rest of us. Well done.
bigmoose said:
Sure would be interested in pictures of any of your creations. Also why you picked the make and model that you did. Congrats on the addition to your lab, and best of luck with it!

I have looked at the makerbot, and a few reprap kits, but never decided on anything. Curiously, I hadn't heard of 3dstuffmaker. Looks great!

There is a need for the type of tube clamps that will allow connecting a battery compartment to a bike triangle. Some bikes have a section of tube that is somewhat triangular in cross section. Others are oval. The easiest tubes to home-fabricate clamps to are circular and square/rectangular. I'm thinking something like this (turned sideways, bolts on the sides):


Four of these connected to the frame triangle (two on the top-tube, one on the down-tube, one on the seat-tube?) will provide a secure base to attach side plates. Once you have side plates in place (aluminum, 1/4-inch plywood?), an interior structure can be attached to the inside of the side-plates to properly secure the battery pack. Almost all seat-tubes are circular in cross-section, but the top-tubes and down-tubes are sometimes funky.


edit: just realized, since most seat-tubes are circular, perhaps two of the hydraulic tubing clamps can be used on the seat-tube (like the readily available one shown) and just one each of the custom 3d-printed clamps on the other two mounting points?
Philistine said:
Can you buld a 1 kg anus?

1kg, 2kg, whatever it takes.
Yea that looks pretty sweet would also love to see things you have printed. A pic of the device in action would be neat also.
Is the plastic pricey ?
Philistine said:
Can you buld a 1 kg anus?

You could trim it down to one for sure. :lol: :idea:

Maybe Nechaus has his first order! :D

I can just see this trophy on your desk Phil; what a way to promo your 2 "businesses" and become rich from it too. :twisted:
Yeah thinking about it all now, i should of prob got a cheaper 3d printer, but the reason i got the one i did, the print area is 200mm x 200mm x 200mmxx
The other ones are like 100x 120 x 90 or something like that.
They say you can build any size object in just sections
and can objects that are made to move like bearings, gears, ect..

The guy i got it off said he has used an xbox kinect to scan his whole body and make a life size statue. and mini ones

im gonna setup gorpo and time lapse..
upload it..

Final tool i need to buy is a small cnc machine but i dont know which one to get.. thinking i should buy a second hand one and replace the motor with a fast outrunner.
Kin said:
bigmoose said:
Sure would be interested in pictures of any of your creations. Also why you picked the make and model that you did. Congrats on the addition to your lab, and best of luck with it!

I have looked at the makerbot, and a few reprap kits, but never decided on anything. Curiously, I hadn't heard of 3dstuffmaker. Looks great!


i looked at the makerbots, the only reason why i got the one i did, fair bit cheaper, almost same print area as the makerbot.
the guy i got it from is Aussie, and owns a production factory in india making the units..

if you get one, they have a 247 live chat from 3dstuffmaker,
Ah, man. What is wrong with you guys? :x

Must you constantly open me up to new things that cost money that I now want? Oh no! What have you done!?! :shock:

Hmmm, I wonder what I could invent. :idea:

Dang it. Why did this get posted? :x :lol:

One of the parents of a student of mine has one, and really wants me to come see it. I think I'll have to pay him a visit.

Note: When I was in Hawaii I looked everywhere for a small Duke Kohanamoku statue to purchase as a souvenir. There's no shortage of statue of liberties in New York, and all I wanted was a Duke. Now I can.

The question then becomes: How does one get a 3-d scan of a big statue?


And someone printed this:


Hmm, I could build a house. So many ideas.
I have a MakerBot Thing-O-Matic. It has come in real handy on some custom brackets I built (e.g., bracket holding 3s LiPo on front handlebars as power source for lights).

I also used it to fit test my A-Line dropout replacement design (see second picture down). Over several iterations of plastic prototype, I went from "really good fit" to "near perfect". About a dollar worth of plastic consumed, I had gained the confidence to spend a few hundred dollars on custom machined aluminum parts. Without the 3D prints I'd probably still be tweaking that design!
That xbox kinect is a must. I am looking forward to your dashboard. Personally, I would be carving foam immediately. My first stop would be a lightweight battery housing that has good aero, and takes advantage of unused real estate under handlebars, in triangle, and under seatpost without hindering natural biking movement.

Can't wait to see what you come up with. With great tools comes great responsibility, or something.
Cool stuff cant wait to see what you make!

I've watched it run, seems to work near the speed of the Dimension at 1/10th the cost. It has the full 200mm x 200mm you're talking about.

Well, i think i ordered my printer on the 1st, so they should be shipping it sometime soon.
I got the manual and had a look at it all,
It looks really simple to use, the software is easy.

Its actually pretty cool how fine you can print, because i got the extra fine nozzle, i can print at 0.2mm, it comes set to 0.4mm
iv been drawing on paper how i can make plastic sections that can hold lipo bricks and all connects together on my bike.

but check out this ...


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im going to have mine running 247 for the first few weeks lol

they say for best results, if you change the plastic to another brand, or buy another batch, you might need to re-calibrate the machine. doesn't take to long..
you just need to measure the size of the new plastic and may need to change a few settings. but id say that would be the most annoying thing you would have to do.

if its something i find very useful and end up using it more than i anticipated, the machine can be upgraded and another nozzle can be added for faster building..
many thing will take 10 hour more hours to build, it depends on what it is and how strong it needs to be.
some pictures of various things you could build


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