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Eggrider over 60v


100 µW
Jan 30, 2020
I have the Eggrider V2 and the ASI BAC 800. I bought the ASI BAC 800 from ERT. I have tried contacting Alan from ERT about the wire loom for 60v+ but he has not responded. Alan has setup a universal battery profile that can handle batteries with voltages between 36v-90v. I am currently using a 48v 17.5 Ah battery. I want to use a 72 volt battery but the Eggrider can only handle 20v-60v. Is it possible to use a voltage regulator for the Eggrider? I found two on aliexpress.


I'm confused.

The purpose of the controller is to change the amps/volts as needed to suit the varying needs of that motor.

Putting a voltage converter between the controller and the motor defeats that purpose.

Plus those dinky ones would burn in five seconds anyway.

You need to engage a properly trained and equipped professional to tune your fancy controller for that battery / motor and your needs.

Or swap it out for a controller you can adjust yourself.
I fear will will spend more money on that approach. If you look at the specs on 72V controllers they handle more battery amps and put out more phase amps to get more out of your motor and support lower voltage 60, 52, 48 and maybe 36 volts. If you just want more torque and not just speed a bigger controller is the ticket.
The voltage regulator would be between the controller and the Eggrider display. The Eggrider display can handle maximum voltage of 60v.
If it's just for **powering** accessories, put between the battery and the load device.

One standard voltage for everything would be ideal.

Be sure gets switched off when parked